Monday, 7 March 2011

7 March 2011: Crazy Monday

Every Monday morning feels crazy. I'm running late most days of the week or at least verging on it, but on Mondays there more things to remember - like two lots of swimming gear to pack for my son (two lots of swimming lessons!). Last Monday all the extra the stuff didn't all fit in my son's school bag. I was holding a big bag of two lots of swimming gear while I waited at the bus stop with him in the morning, and after I'd waved goodbye to him on the bus I looked down and saw the bag was still in my hand. That's what Mondays are like!

Anyway, that's no excuse for me made March. Here's what I'm wore today - a dress (Vogue #1025 Anne Klein, blogged here), which I wore with a matching cream and white cardigan and black flats with silver buckles. I took photos in the morning before going to work but the sky was very grey and all the photos were pretty rubbishy. The photos below are from late afternoon when I was at home with the kids and the sky had turned a glorious blue (and the cardigan wasn't necessary). Lots of lovely linen crumples - you can tell I've worn it all day!


And since I had the camera out, here's what I changed into for playing, dinner, baths etc - this is a panelled top from an old Burdastyle magazine (7/2009, pattern 125 - with neckline slit omitted) that I made from a remnant piece of Florence Broadhurst print in stretch cotton.  It's getting a bit baggy because it's been worn to death.

The red fabric is 2m of medium weight linen that I've washed and dried in anticipation of making a little jacket.


  1. I love your dress, it's so classy and sharp! That red fabric sure looks promising :)

  2. Hi Gabrielle - I'm a newbie to your blog but I've really enjoyed checking out your projects so I’ve nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award :)

  3. Hi Robyn, thank you very much for that! I like your blog too - it should start popping up in my blog list on the left soon :-)


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