Sunday, 6 March 2011

6 March 2011: Sunday at home

Sunday at home... a bit of a boring day in this house. We've eaten meals, made pikelets, done cleaning and washing, read stories, and played some invented games. My daughter is building a lego house and pretending she doesn't need a nap, and my son is helping dad install some software on a mobile phone and kindly installing games he thinks his little sister will enjoy.

Here's what I'm wearing that's *me made* today: just a stripey jersey top, worn with old comfy jeans and black thongs (and that's the Aussie footwear version of thongs thanks - no mention of underwear here!)  The top was made using an old Burdastyle pattern (issue 2/2009, pattern 108A) that I used for the blue and white stripey top I showed a few days ago. I significantly lengthened arms and body, narrowed shoulders / upper chest area, and changed the neckline :-), so it's the same pattern really isn't it?

The stripes match up pretty well, but it's a bit bright, isn't it??? I do love big colours, but I know they look better on small children.

Sometimes it's not about looking great - bright colours just seem to make me feel good.

Tomorrow I will make a bit more effort, although I can't promise anything as to the results of the effort!


  1. I think you're exactly right about bright colours, sometimes they're just what is needed to lift one's spirits!

  2. Carolyn, yes, I think so - and I saw your post about colour / black after writing this, and I have to say I would prefer to dress in interesting colours, stripes and patterns more often, but I find it hard to work out what goes together, and get very annoyed when I muck it up!

  3. Karin, I am an absolute sucker for stripes, and stripey knits in particular!


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