Wednesday, 30 March 2011

28 & 29 March: Still Going...

We're nearing the end of me made March, and I'm glad to say I'm still managing to find a few "new" me made things to wear!

This top is something I had thought was a UFO...  it's a test version of the Vogue 1120 DKNY dress made up as a top using a metallic gold fabric that I bought at one of those bargain bookshops that pop up for a few weeks then disappear. I had sewn up a belt to go with it, but was waiting on inspiration for the buckle or something, and also I'd been thinking I needed to sew some tiny vintage beads around the neckline to keep the pleats down.  I don't think I'm ever going to find time for beadwork, and in any event the pleats have settled down now - yay!

I think the top passed. This is no longer classified as a UFO.

Outfit notes: Skirt - bought about 5 years ago from Witchery, made from black ponte di roma fabric. My son's watch that he isn't interested in wearing. Black nine west flats as usual. Sprig from a lavender bush - me made (lol) in the course of hacking back some overgrown plants.


Yesterday was a bit chilly, and I wore a skirt that I think looks pretty unflattering on.  It's this grey linen tulip skirt with sash and slanted side pockets from a BurdaStyle magazine issue from last year - I forget which issue, but I think the skirt was paired with a pale lemon short sleeved blouse with two parallel lines of buttons down the front. It looked pretty cute on the model... of course.

Although I know this look is a bit drab it's the best I could come up with for the shape of the skirt. The black jumper (country road) has puffed elbow length sleeves and a scoop neckline - I thought the puffiness of the skirt needed to be balanced out by some kind of sleeve puffiness above. I wore the same as usual black flat nine west shoes. Habit!

These are end of the day photos - please excuse the crumples and weary face.


I made this skirt up in the size that corresponded to my measurements, but was disappointed to find a lot of ease seemed to have been included in the waist – I added extra folds (hidden near the side seams) to take up this excess width but am not very happy about it. Also the pleats on the back of the skirt make an exaggerated shape...  The fabric is a lovely heavy-ish pure linen from my ancient stash though. 

 Sometimes clothes look nicer flat on the grass.


  1. I applaud you for posting daily. Everything looks great. Love the save with the dress/turned top.

  2. Thanks Joanne - gets a bit harder towards the end of the month when you run low on things you like, that's for sure!


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