Saturday, 5 March 2011

5 March 2011: Part 1, around the house

Today being a Saturday we haven't too much on... reading / playing with the kids, a spot of gardening, food shopping, the gym, ... no daytime reason for dressing up, so I'm wearing a me-made grey t-shirt which I can now see looks much better on the hangar than on me.  I guess I don't suit light grey.

The top was made from a vintage pattern for skirt and top, which I'm including a picture of here: 

We're going to dinner this evening, a fundraiser for a local sports club - I don't think it will be a particularly fancy schmancy thing but I get out so little in the evening that I was thinking of over-dressing and wearing this, my Melbourne Cup dress:

I may need a jacket as the weather seems to be cooling - maybe too cool for what I wore last November:

Anyway I'll try to post a Part 2 later on for a me-made show-and-tell :-).


  1. I love the grey t-shirt. I would have never thought to make a tee from that pattern, but it is so modern. Great, simple detail.

  2. Thanks Rebecca - from memory I was keen to try out the pattern and thought a knit would give extra ease in case it was vintage (ie small) sizing. Having said that I do really enjoy sewing knits from woven patterns, and I am pretty mad about pleats, tucks and folds on anything... BTW I have only just discovered your blog properly and I am really enjoying it!


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