Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15 March 2011: Welcome back, little jacket

This cute little jacket - the only jacket / coat I've ever made successfully - dates back to my previous sewing life of the late 1980s and early 1990s.  I believe I used a Burda Easy pattern, which I may still have floating about somewhere. The pattern is obviously inspired by the Chanel-style of jackets, but omitted all the Chanel-style details and complexities - as I recall it was rather straightforward. The body and sleeves of the jacket are made from a really lovely lightweight wool, the black trim is a wool crepe, and the whole thing is lined in regular black lining - not sure what sort.

This jacket was a bit on the small side when I made it, which is why I never attached buttons - and it still is, but interestingly it doesn't seem too small to wear, so I'm going to welcome it back to my wardrobe now. I am definitely a lot bigger than the matchstick with the wood shaved off that I used to be, so I'm not sure how it can still nearly fit. Jackets are a mystery to me even without this sort of trickery!

Here are some pics taken on the dummy this evening to show you what details there are:

front view
back view

side view

matching on sleeve and side seams

My daughter just scraped in as wearing something me made today - this skirt, which is barely *made* at all!  It's just a couple of rectangles of fabric sewn together, with an elastic waist and square patch pockets on the front (and not even hemmed).  It did look kind of cool while it fitted - but as you can see it's no longer a standalone skirt; she's definitely a kid that knows how to grow.

In her hands are lego and some fresh sticks to be used in a dam we started constructing in the garden on Sunday. By the end of today she had a large bag of sticks from the park, so I guess we'll be doing some more work on the dam tomorrow :-).

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