Sunday, 13 March 2011

12 & 13 March 2011: Daggy Weekend

On Saturday there wasn't much planned except for a trial soccer match for my son (although I think we may have missed a few things that hadn't been added to the calendar - oops). It was a sticky, rather warm day. I had the impression I was running out of me made clothes but I'm not yet - just seem to be running out of clothes I like a lot / that fit.

I would usually wear this dress (McCalls M5655) with a belt but it was just too sweaty for it.  You wouldn't know it but the dress got properly ironed in the morning - my son took this photo late in the afternoon after all the linen crumples had set in.  And I did wear shoes when we went out, it's just that they came off as soon as we got home.

The M5655 seemed pretty popular on pattern review, but I found the sizing absolutely huge. I don't know when I last made a McCalls pattern so maybe they're just more generous than Vogues. Also the neckline was significantly too low (as noted in others' reviews) so I raised it a lot. It is a quick dress to whip up though, and very comfortable in summer!

Sunday has been another hot day, getting up to about 30C. Is it really autumn??? Since it was just going to be a round the house kind of day I wore two self-drafted garments that I suspect are the height or daggyness.

The top is self-drafted and made from a remnant piece of Japanese double gauze - I don't wear this much, and it was rather too warm on a day like today but I persevered so as not to have to think of a new outfit and fight with the camera again. To get the length I wanted in the top I had to make a waistband from fabric cut at a right angle to the rest - but it's folded under in my pics so you can't really see it.

The skirt is a recent self-drafted effort made using an ancient linen blend from my stash. I made a few of these style of skirts recently as I was having trouble with estimating the ease in paper patterns (and ending up with skirts that didn't fit at all), but I think I'm back on the paper pattern train for skirts again after a little experiment with different sizes of waistband tested on some "muslin" fabric. I think I'll post about this separately as the issue of stated measurements and ease vs what you actually get from sewing up a pattern has interested me for a while.

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