Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 1 of Me Made March 2011

This is the first time I've participated in a group event of this kind, and I really meant to get organised and plan out some outfits ahead but time got away from me. Today's outfit is a combination that I do wear to work quite a lot.

Me-made top: a hybrid of Burda mag 09/2009 pattern 129 (modified sleeves) and Vogue DKNY pattern 1013 (bodice/ neckline), made in textured Japanese cotton.

Sorry not to have a better picture - in the pre-work rush I just had 2 snaps taken, but in both the fabric details of the top are washed out. There are some better detail pictures of this top in an older post.  And obviously I didn't notice that only one sleeve was puffed up properly!

My daughter had a trip to the zoo with grandparents today, and ended up being more me-made than me...

Me-made top: self-drafted (although drafted is too strong a word) made from cotton voile remnants from a total wadder of a dress. It's a little odd looking but very breezy for a sticky hot day.
Me-made skirt: simple no-pattern tiered skirt made from Japanese cotton.

That's a half-eaten me-made blondie in her hand too, although I don't think food counts...


  1. Love the sleeves on your top. Your daughter's outfit is delightful!


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