Sunday, 6 March 2011

5 March 2011: Part 2, out to dinner

It's late... we went out to dinner tonight, so I had the occasion to get changed out of 3/4 pants and mooching top.  
This is what I wore out:
* my Melbourne Cup 2010 dress
* short sleeve David Lawrence jacket, from my mum
* pashmina my younger brother bought me in Nepal
* earrings, cuff, watch (not shown) presents over the past 7 years from from my mother-in-law and mum
* Nine West shoes (not shown)

There are more detail pictures of the dress below, basically it's Vogue 1074 (DKNY) made up in ramie (+lining). This dress fit me well without adjustments, which is always a bonus, and I enjoy wearing it - and sometimes even contemplate making it again (although my lifestyle doesn't really demand many of this kind of dress :-)).

I've had more wine than usual tonight, so am feeling rather weary... it's not even midnight but I need to sleep!  

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