Wednesday, 16 March 2011

16 March 2011: TWO me made garments!

please take another, just in case ...
Trousers plus a top, with the trousers being my first MMM repeat I think, apart from my stripey bag. And no one at work said "did you make that?", which is a relief.  Mind you my colleagues are mostly guys and they don't tend to pass many comments... Perhaps it's fairer to say I didn't catch anyone staring at my hems or neckline or what have you - even on a long walk around town at lunch, and on public transport to and from work. 

These trousers are the only ones I've made that currently fit ie the first pair made in about 20 years, from Vogue 1098 Anne Klein, and the top is a shorter version of the dress from Vogue 1120 DKNY - so only a small amount of silk was required.  I guess you can tell I didn't iron this - but again, no one commented on it all day and I am an appalling ironer so I thought it best not to even try.  I think I usually get this top dry cleaned (!!shock).

The original posts linked above have more close-up pictures; in the interests of a short post I won't repeat them here - though I will show you why I keep standing in these silly hands on hips poses:

It seems to work for them! I wonder if stand like this for the family snaps too?

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