Friday, 4 March 2011

4 March 2011: One of my favourite dresses...

front shot by my daughter
Today is Friday so it's a mufti (ie casual) day at work. It's an opportunity for me to wear a favourite of mine, this linen version of Vogue 1175 not 9 (Donna Karan). I made this up as a muslin from a very cheap ikat-print linen, but it has proved to be very wearable and I haven't gotten around to re-making it. Everything else I'm wearing is not me-made. I was going to wear a necklace made by my daughter from breakfast cereal but we were running late and I forgot- probably better for a cooler day anyway as it might get sticky in the heat.  Oh and I took the same stripey bag as yesterday for stuff...


front, showing width

Sorry for the no make-up, wet hair over face look but I was running late for work!

My daughter is wearing an Ottobre magazine outfit which I didn't make perfectly but which is still cute I think. She really enjoys all those (4) little pockets in the pants. I'll show you some 'detail' photos below as I know you can't really see the top or the pockets here...

back (demanding a cuddle)

the pockets' lining match the top
pockets on the front


  1. So much better when "muslins" turn out to be wearable, instead of intended dresses turning into muslins! It is a cute dress.

  2. I LOVE this dress and bought the pattern some time back. It looks a little tricky, and the reviews warn the sewist clearly, so I have yet to take the plunge. Looks great.

  3. Yes, Karin, it was lucky - I wear this dress so much and always get nice feedback.

    Joanne, go for it! Seriously I don't think it's such a tricky pattern - I am not a highly skilled sewist so having seen some of the great things you've made I'm sure it would not be tricky for you. I guess it's just the kind of pattern to take slowly, and to follow the instructions with.

  4. Is this the right pattern number? I went to look and it doesn't seem to match. Is it 1175? Looks good on you so I would love to know which pattern you used.

  5. I checked - you're right, it's 1175! I have both and they were next to each other in my pattern stack. Sorry about the confusion! Thanks - I can imagine this one on you actually...


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