Saturday, 12 March 2011

10 & 11 March 2011: Mild Japanese Themes

I really wanted to wear this top yesterday (so I did), but I have to admit I have been struggling with what to pair it with.

When I posted pics just after making it, I showed it tucked into the waistband of a skirt - but I wasn't really taken with the look.

Yesterday I thought it needn't be tucked in, and could be worn with my grey linen trousers. This was not great either. This silly pose moving a chair shows you how voluminous the top really is.

I don't really mind that it makes me look pregnant (and that's front and back), but I need help - what goes with a billowing top? Are fitted trousers the answer? A fitted skirt? A long bias-cut dress underneath?

There was a bit of a Japanese theme from yesterday to today... in that today I wore my self-drafted kimono-sleeve t-shirt with the funky airplane print on it (and kimonos are Japanese d'oh). 

I wear this top all the time and it's getting a bit thin - but I do love it. For the sake of MMM I'll mention the trousers are David Lawrence cargos, the shoes are from Nine West, the sunnies from Witchery.

This is me in the garden trying to get the cat to be nice. Heaven knows I feed her enough, the least she could do is be civil!  She came over but did her usual thing - let me stroke her then quickly bit me. I moved too fast for the usual scratches :-)


  1. I like the top, I don't think it makes you look pregnant at all! Around here women were skinny pants with billow-y tops.

  2. I love that top. I have tops as a priority this spring.
    Billowy offset with skinny pants are totally adorable!

  3. Thanks Karin and Joanne - I'm sure you're right; wide leg pants were certainly not a good idea :-). Next time I wear this top I'll try the narrowest pants I have.


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