Thursday, 3 March 2011

3 March 2011 (MMM): Top and Pants

The weather was going to be overcast and a little cool, with possible rain, but it turned sticky (32C at my son's school at 4pm). We seem to be a place that wishes to join the tropics.  Anyway, climate change is not the subject - so moving right along to show my Me Made March outfit for today.

These pants are from a Vogue Anne Klein pattern, and are the first pants I've made in about a millenium.  Please don't use that hint to guess my age :-)

I was pretty chuffed with myself when I made them but guess what - I've never worn them to work! I've tried them on a few times and then thought "no..." and put on something else. Probably I'm worried about the fly popping or side seams busting or something, but actually these should be lower risk than RTW pants because I did so much taking in that there are many layers of seams holding them together.

This top is also from a Vogue Anne Klein pattern, a nice easy one that produces very wearable stretch or woven tops from small skerricks of fabric (eg 0.8m).  When ironed, I do normally wear this top to work a lot, but I am a terrible ironer as you'll know if you've read a few of my posts.

I also carried a simple bag I made a while back of a size to carry folders of papers for work - you can see a bit of it in the photo above, and you can see it properly to the right. I have a few of these and mostly I use them to help contain my stash, but after working from home yesterday I needed to lug a pile of stuff back to work this morning. 

My daughter is wearing an outfit I made for her birthday last year. I made the clothes a bit big - they were a surprise so I didn't get to try them on her while making them - but that means she can wear them this year too. She was keen to wear these but I don't know if they'll pass the pink-obsessed style brigade at kindy today (those little girls can be mean!), or if they'll be too hot!  

It's a self-drafted stretch ruffle top and self-drafted denim tier skirt with side pockets and button/ribbon decoration. These were both made from fabric from the remnant table, which I find so hard to resist but usually is too meagre for an adult garment.
And here are some pics taken back when these garments were made - they better show the details:

Postscript: The pants fared alright today - by the end of the day they weren't creased (man-made fibres?) but were feeling a little 'relaxed'.  I can certainly wear them again without worrying! 


  1. Both outfits look excellent. I love the Ann Klein top.

  2. Thank you very much! Yes it's a great basic top - the kind of thing you end up making a few time over :-)


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