Monday, 14 March 2011

14 March 2011: Poppy skirt

I do love orange! Today I wore a self-drafted skirt, which I would love more if it fitted me better... I think I made it a little loose to start with and then lost a bit of girth. Maybe the fabric relaxed too. I wore it with a favourite orange RTW top (Veronika Maine, seems to be the main place I shop for clothes, luckily they always have things on sale), and favourite scuffed orange flats (Nine West). Plus my son's watch. This is the same way I wore the skirt when I first posted pictures of it.

The weather cooled down around lunchtime, so today's me made pictures are taken indoors - a "this doesn't fit now" picture (left):

                         and an outfit picture (right):

and the original skirt pic, in which it appears shorter because it was fitting better around the waist:

I was working from home today as I had a school-related appointment in the late morning. It was lovely to be able to hear birds and local wildlife - and feel a light breeze coming in the window while I worked :-). You'd think all was right with the world - and yet...

... the earthquake, tsunamis and nuclear reactor meltdowns in Japan are the stuff of science fiction - I'm finding it hard to comprehend the scale of these disasters and what it must be like for people living through it.  What if you were trapped in debris but still alive? Would you be found? What if you'd seen your kids washed away? Some friends of mine perished in the Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand a few years ago - they were on their honeymoon and had just announced their pregnancy. I also remember the ongoing tension of living in Europe post-Chernobyl. I know there are going to be many tragic stories this time around.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the earthquake and its aftermath.

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