Thursday, 17 March 2011

17 March 2011: Floral blouse from Burda magazine

This morning was pretty dark in our neck of the woods... my partner took my photo in the front garden at 7.45am, and pre-cropping and lightening this is how the photo looked. Not happy, Jan! It was even drizzling.

So I used the camera's timer thing for myself a little later when there was a little more light.  I don't have a tripod so using the timer involves an assemblage of chairs and small toys to prop the camera at approximately the right height and angle. Today I used a kid's chair on top of an outside table, with a permanent marker and a piece of plastic something-or-other holding the camera in place :-). And I had to lighten & brighten these photos (below) - you can see the sky behind me is just a mass of grey clouds.

 The outfit:
* floral blouse from pattern #125 of Burda magazine issue2/2009
* Witchery black ponte di roma skirt from a few years ago
* Country Road red jacket (also may be ponte di roma, but lined), also from a sale a few years ago

Burda described this blouse as having "Asian chic" but I disagree - I don't find it a particularly Asian style at all. They also said "This blouse with a plain shirt collar looks best when worn buttoned to the throat" - but I like it with just the top button undone, and I think it would probably sit more neatly with a second undone.

I didn't realise this jacket was looking so worn - it's just come back from the dry cleaners all nicely pressed, but there it is looking all crumply! Guess I need to push on and tackle jackets soon anyway...


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