Saturday, 19 March 2011

18 March 2011: Brrrrrrrrr

Another overcast day, and after so much warmth it felt decidedly chilly when I got up so I cracked out a me made cosy knit that I usually layer in winter time.  I said in the photo description in the MMM Flickr group that this top was made from the same pattern as I used for the top I wore on day 2 of Me Made March, but it's not. It is a Burda mag pattern, but I'll have to look it up! Whichever pattern it was, I had to modify it to fit better - lengthened the sleeves and body, and also took in the pattern for the top part of the bodice to narrow the shoulders and neckline. I didn't take enough care with my changes and ended up making the sleeves a little higher cut and tighter under the arms than I would have liked, but it's not a problem on a cool day.

My outfit photo was again taken in haste (repent at leisure) and I didn't notice at the time that I needed to smooth the top down. I wouldn't intentionally wear it bunched up like this!

The outfit:
  • me-made Burda magazine (# TBC) top, made last year
  • Headquarters bias-cut sleeveless black long dress bought a long, long time ago
  • rectangle-toed velcro mary janes from 12+ years ago

I was very warm in this, in fact too warm by mid-afternoon (but as I write this in the late evening it's providing the perfect amount of cosiness).  At this time of year the 8am temperature is evidently a poor indication of the rest-of-day temperature.


  1. I'm glad I came over here to check this out, as I see that your stripe matching is perfect! Fabulous!
    (although we still can't see the shoes you've mentioned! :) )
    This Tshirt pattern looks like a wonderful basic and useful pattern to have

  2. Thank you Carolyn - it's definitely a good basic pattern, and yes, I do try to match stripes up pretty carefully. If I get it wrong it's the sort of detail that drives me mad!


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