Wednesday, 9 March 2011

8 & 9 March 2011: Two Silk Tops

Yesterday was International Women's Day; but I'm afraid forgot about it till I got to work and saw lots of IWD info.  I think you're supposed to wear purple - grey is not even close, but perhaps a pink backdrop gives a near-purple impression? Hmm...

Anyway, I wore this grey silk twill top to work along with an old Veronika Maine (grey) skirt, Witchery sunnies and Nine West black ballet flats.

Sorry not to have been able to post this yesterday but our home computer had some unscheduled upgrades / maintenance carried out, and it took longer than expected!

The top is made from Vogue 8392, which I think I've made a couple of times but perhaps I'm confusing it with another old stalwart.  I made view B but my sleeves are shorter than the pattern indicates and I also omitted the elastic sleeve finish - I was working with a remnant piece of fabric, and the elastic casing and/or full length would have taken a bit more than I had.  I love the feel of silk twill, and the sleeves on this top swish about gloriously!

This is view B from the pattern envelope:

My daughter was also me made yesterday: she chose to wear this outfit of a (too-small) Japanese dress and jersey shorts:

front view
back view

The dress is from the below book, which in English is called something like Cute Clothes for Good Girls - it's one of the first patterns in the book with ruffle sleeves left off.  And the shorts... well I don't recall using a pattern for these.  I am pretty sure they're self-drafted, if you'd call it that.  They don't look particularly special but I'm sure they're comfortable.

Now today (9th March) I wore another me made top with another conservative RTW work skirt - becoming a bit boring, I know!

This is a top made from Vogue 1217 Anna Sui.  Jacquie made this up not too long ago and found it a bit short.  I only had 0.8m of 135cm wide fabric, so mine was a crop top and not a dress!

That's another old Veronika Maine skirt, black with a high waist and deep pleats, below knee length.  And I was wearing trainers in this photo (cropped out) because I turned my ankle playing backyard soccer with the kids yesterday.

I didn't have enough fabric for the specified piping around the neckline or for the big floppy bow on the shoulder; I had just enough for an improvised smaller bow. That's a vintage button on the bow. And I tried using piping out of a packet but it was a disaster, so I cut it all off and then lined the bodice, attaching lining to outer around the neckline. I guess my fabric needed lining anyway as it was a bit see-through... 

I finished this top last night - woohoo!  It was very pleasant to wear something new!


  1. Love this top. The red and the accent= sooo cute!

  2. That first Vogue pattern is so elegant and classy!

  3. OOH love both those tops Gabrielle. I was oohing at the grey one first - I have that pattern and have never made it but after seeing your top realise how terrific it is. Then the red one is gorgeous too. I think we have sewing inspiration telepathy - I've just been making another of the Anna Sui tops so we have been beavering away at the same pattern at the same time on different sides of the country.

  4. Thank you Bitterbetty, based on the photos I think it turned out better than I expected!

    Thanks Carolyn, and it's an easy one too.

    Thanks Jacquie - we could call it good taste???? To be honest your earlier Anna Sui dress/top was why I even thought to try it myself! I stuffed up the neckline so if I make it again I will have to ask you for some top tips.

  5. The fabric you've used for the first top is just beautiful.


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