Friday, 1 April 2011

30 - 31 March: That's all!

Phew! The end of me made March! I soooooo don't care what I wear tomorrow.... luckily it's a casual day at work, so no one else will care either :-)

Today was definitely cold, but I was determined to wear this skirt that I didn't think I'd worn this month (please correct me if I'm wrong).  

The skirt is made from Vogue 1038, but I shortened the skirt to knee length. It's an unlined skirt with waistband made from a single piece that wraps around you from one edge of the zip to the other, but the front and back are your usual 3 pieces - the waistband was a little too big when I made it and a bity bigger now. This is a good thing but the skirt needs a longish top to cover up the gaping.

The fabric I used was some $5/metre ex-Cue fabric from Tessuti - some kind of lightweight stretch suiting material. I didn't do a great job with this; I am not proud of all that puckering along the hem (which is also too shallow) and in various places around the waistband.

My top and jacket are not me made - my favourite orange top, bought on sale at Veronika Maine a year or so ago, and a rather old Blooms jacket that my mum was throwing out as "too worn" about 5 years ago.  I like the shape of the neckline on this jacket. Nor are my shoes - favourite orange flatties from nine west, now getting rather scuffed and stained.

And yesterday looked to be a bit cold, so this is what I wore:

* Ancient me made jacket - to be quite honest, I probably made it 20 years ago (when I was 2 ;-)). I think it was made from a Burda pattern but I don't know where the pattern is so I can't tell you the number - guess it's OOP anyway.
* RTW sleeveless blue top. This top has a zip down the centre back that starts at the neckline and is just the wrong length - when you tuck the top in to your waistband you are tucking in the lower part of the zip, which feels pretty uncomfortable. If I'd made this myself it would have been a shorter zip!
* Me made Vogue 1098 Anne Klein pants, previously posted here.A terrible thing happened to these pants later - when I was hanging them up I pulled the zip on the fly up a little and the zip pull came right off! Oops - I'd forgotten I'd cut this zip down in an unthinking manner. I've already had to rethread the zip pull back on once during construction and it took a really long time. I'm not sure I can be bothered again.
* Old shoes that I don't wear very much, Witchery sunnies.

You've seen both the jacket and pants before, but here are a couple of my original pics:



I've signed up for Sherry's RTW Jacket Sewalong, which I'm really excited about, but I think I'll need a little breather first. We're supposed to have our muslins ready, but all I have is my pattern and fabric:


  1. Hi Gabrielle, I am so impressed by you and others who did the Me Made March; getting photos of your outfits every day takes a lot of organisation. I'm the disorganised sort where it is a feat to get to work, in clothes and with dry hair, so I am in awe. And I love those Anne Klein trousers.

  2. I have enjoyed seeing all your different outfits for MMM. It is neat that you have and can still wear garments you made many years ago. I am looking forward to seeing your post about the Burda jacket you plan to make. I have that pattern and really like it, but haven't had a chance to make it yet.

  3. Thanks! Jacquie, I am always running late and I haven't managed to dry my hair before work in months, so probably I am like you - some days were hard, but when you have a few basics you know you have something to fall back upon just in case. Audrey, I can't fit into most of the clothes I made years ago - I wish - they're mostly just for looking at! I have rushed into the Burda jacket without checking fit very well so now need to go slowly at the end... but I will post on it soon as I need to get cracking with Sherry's Jacket Sewalong.

  4. It was a tiring month, wasn't it? but I think you did a great job with mixing and matching your garments into very stylish ensembles. Oooh, that zip, how sad! I hope you manage to fix it!
    Thank you for your nice comments!


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