Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Vintage Vogues - Individualist, Paris / Designer Originals

I haven't been posting as much as I mean to lately, probably because I haven't been sewing as much as I mean to. The weather here has gotten a little cold, our house is cold, and I don't enjoy sewing in the cold! 

Anyway, with little in the way of sewing news I thought I could do a show and tell of some of my vintage Vogue patterns picked up on the odd lucky op shop visit - judging by second hand quantities I'm guessing Vogue are either not as popular as Simplicity, McCalls and Butterick, or are hung onto by sewists!

Here are 3 recently acquired Issey Miyake patterns which I'm guessing are from the 1980s:

What do you think - are any of these designs wearable, or are they too dated? Feeling rather brrrrrrrrrrrrr as I am, I'm liking the look of the cosy jacket with hoodie :-)

And here are some Vogue Paris Originals / Vogue Designer Originals:

 My mum swears she had a dress like the above in the 1960s - but it certainly wouldn't have been YSL!
This Chloe dress is pretty, but to me the drawing makes it a little nightgownish...

I'm not sure about this one - nothing wrong with it, but it's not particularly exciting...

I think this Jean Muir dress is really cute and would look good in a knit, although those little pleats would then be a pain to sew! (Does anyone have any tips for sewing pleats in a knit fabric?)

And I love this last dress - I can see it in a Ponte di Roma, or a wool jersey. I would really like to make this - but I never stick to a sewing plan, so no promises!

That's all for now - got to supervise a playdate - I'll have to show you my Vogue American Designers patterns another time.


  1. When I saw the blogpost heading I thought - I bet we have some of the same patterns as we often have similar tastes and yes - in this case the Issey Miyake patterns! Gosh, his patterns were so good weren't they. Some of the styles look oversized today but I've always loved the skirt of the first pattern. Does the blouse on the Balmain pattern have a yoke? It looks quite interesting, and the Jean Muir dress is lovely.

  2. Yes, I know! I had the same thought when I saw your recent post about your recent Vogue pattern acquisitions, and sure enough we were ordering many of the same!

    Well spotted on the Balmain blouse; yes it has shoulder yokes that the fronts are gathered into. It also has shoulder pads, bias neck and front bands and ball button and bias loop closing - so more interesting than I thought at first glance!

    PS I thought I'd posted my response to this on the same day as your comment but it looks as though the "post" part didn't work - sorry!

  3. I really like the Jean Muir dress, lots of movement in the skirt.


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