Sunday, 1 May 2011

V7187 (OOP) - Cosy double-jersey jacket

I've just taken a short break from my RTW sewalong jacket (Burda 7576) and linen suit (Vogue 8718) to make something quick and cosy:

It's the short jacket from this pattern:

I discovered this pattern when I was trying to tidy up my overflowing pattern stash - which just shows there's something to be gained from occasionally tidying up!

The jacket is described as a "loose-fitting, front wrapped below-hip length jacket or mid-calf coat"... with ... "shawl collar, back belt carrier, patch pockets and self tie belt holding in fullness at waistline. Wrist-length raglan sleeves are set into deep armholes." This description is pretty accurate, and the jacket has turned out better than expected for something cut out and sewn so quickly.

My 6 yo son, who is a very kind person, gave me several compliments on my sewing of this jacket out of the blue this evening, and suggested I make another of these in more interesting colours or patterns. Maybe!  If I make it again I'll know to have more fabric so as to be able to face the collar.

I know you can't see the fabric properly in the photo - it's a double layered cotton jersey with the two layers lightly attached together in the way of a Japanese double gauze. I bought this last year from Tessuti fabrics, and they do stock quite a bit of Japanese fabric so this may well be Japanese fabric - and it may even be referred to as jersey double gauze. The outer layer is textured, and the inner layer is flat:

And as an aside, I think this pattern has some similarities with Burda Style 12/2009 pattern #119, which I'd had in mind to make for a while. What goes around comes around! Now that I know how well this sort of thing works I may even get around to the Burda pattern some time.


  1. Isn't it great when you discover something in your stash that you had forgotten you had? I love the pattern and the jacket has turned out great! That textured fabric is beautiful.

  2. Love it. The fabric is very unique.

  3. Beautiful jacket! Perfect use for that interesting fabric.

  4. Great fabric - I love interesting textures - I am really yearning to make easy cosy stuff in the midst of the tailored jacket .... soon I hope!

  5. Thanks Eugenia, it was a great surprise - I think I should tidy up more often! Thank you Joanne, thank you KC, it is an unusual fabric and I'm glad I didn't try to turn it into a skirt or dress (way too heavy but that was my first inclination). Thank you Gay, cosy knits are sooooo quick and easy compared to fitting a tailored jacket aren't they!

  6. Lovely! It does look cosy (yet chic). And really interesting fabric.


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