Monday, 23 May 2011

One Small Outfit (Skirt, Top and Hoodie)

It's been a crazy week - the flu, way too much work on, lots of non-work issues at work, worries for my son at school, and lots of tears in the mornings as my daughter transitions to a new kindy.  Lots of broken sleep.  And then Blogger updates and consequent problems on top of that!

But finally I have something to show - the result of some Saturday night / Sunday afternoon sewing - a small outfit for my DD, started when the Saturday night project PJs for my DS went pear-shaped.

First up was a quick knee-length skirt, made from a remnant piece of heavy printed linen (plus cute button to mark the front and some lace trim for interest):

next up was a cosy fleece hoodie, which I originally planned to make last year - made using the hooded t-shirt pattern from Burda 9614 in a widened size 4:

and finally a long-sleeve t-shirt, made from some cotton jersey bought for a song at a Tessuti Fabrics sale a few months ago, and using the hoodless long-sleeve t-shirt pattern from Burda 9614 in an unwidened size 4:

front of t-shirt

back of t-shirt

Happily all these garments could be made from the stash - no need to buy fabric or haberdashery - AND all seem to coordinate well.  I want to make some leggings to go under the skirt too to keep little legs warm, and I think I've found a reasonably matching pink striped jersey remnant for that too.  

The three year old verdict: the skirt is pretty, the hoodie is not needed, and the t-shirt is great.  "Oh wow! Dat's soooo cool mumma!"  (I think the t-shirt is kind of cool too... )


  1. A simple skirt is special with eyelette trim and a red button. The red button is great, it makes the blue pop and helps a l ittle one to know where the front is when they are getting dressed!

  2. What an adorable outfit - the colours are beautiful, perfect for your lovely little DD!

  3. Love your DD's new clothes. Sometimes a little simple sewing is just what you need when it feels like everything is going crazy around you.

  4. Thanks - a bit of a palate cleanser between grownup styles and colours :-)


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