Monday, 16 May 2011

Vogue 1193 DKNY in Red

I think this dress measures up!

This Vogue DKNY pattern is rated Easy, and a fast sewer could probably whip it up in just a few hours + cutting out time.

I had thought a dress made up in a ponte di roma fabric would be good for winter (which is what this autumn feels like).

Is it work appropriate??? I'm not sure - it's a bit more clingy than I would typically wear to work, and very loud.  I work in a conservative company, in a conservative Department but for the trendy Marketing Department.  Hmmm.... I could think about this a lot... but on the other hand, the dress doesn't appear to need ironing and is cosy so I'll probably wear it pretty soon.

Here are a couple more views of the dress - I am mostly removing my head because it's late at night and I am not at my most presentable lol!



I made this up in a size 12 rather than my usual 14 because people seem to suggest using negative ease in knits. Because I was using a cheap ponte di roma from Lincraft I didn't make a muslin, just measured the flat pattern pieces, added some width to the waist, and sewed it up as per the pattern instructions. At the end I added 2 cm to the length by removing it from the generous 5cm hem.

Late edit: a few people have commented about the very invisible invisible zip in the centre back.  I hope this isn't a disappointment, but I am not clever enough to have inserted an invisible zip so cleanly in a stretch fabric. Luckily I found that the dress could go on and off without a zip... I tested this with a basted centre back seam before the final sewing.

There was just 1 step in the pattern that I had to stare at for a little while - relating to the pleats, which folded in the opposite direction to expected - so here's a close-up from the inside of the dress:

I think the fit is surprisingly good for an easy dress - but then again, it is a DKNY pattern and we all know Ms Karan makes dresses that fit nicely!


  1. Nice one! The bright red colour is great too.

  2. Looks great - great colour.

  3. Definitely work appropriate - love the pleats and the colour. Did you need to put the zip in?

  4. That's a very pretty dress. It will go almost anywhere.

  5. It looks really smart. I am looking for the zip too. I am either really pleased that it doesn't necessarily need one, or really, really impressed with your zip application :). I suspect the latter.

  6. Thanks everyone! In fact I wore it to work on Monday and it seemed not to attract too much attention...

    I should have mentioned (and I'll go back and edit the post) that I did in fact omit the zip - I am really not clever enough to insert an invisible zipper into a stretch fabric!!!


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