Saturday, 7 May 2011

V1247 in Charcoal

A new Vogue pattern, and a new top for me - woohoo! This top is made from Vogue 1247, a new Rachel Comey pattern.

I love, love, love the shape of this top, and even though it's intended for warmer weather I think it also works layered over long sleeve tees (yes, I'm still cold!).  I've made it in a semi-transparent charcoal coloured fabric of unknown fibre content.  The shop owner I bought it from said it was a linen-silk mix, but it was ridiculously cheap without being on sale - seems all wrong for Sydney! 

Yet again I've used fabric that's hard to photograph... sorry :-)  Maybe these photos on the dummy will help you see the structure a bit better - lots of french seams, darts and pleats - and pieces cut at different angles to the grain of the fabric.


After checking out Adonising's top (and she made the skirt too!) and making some rough and ready measuments of the flat pattern pieces I went with the size 12, and added 1.5cm of fabric all the way around the neckline as I prefer a higher neckline. I graded out to a 14 at the waist, but the top is in a loose style so that may not have been necessary. 

I made a few more small changes... instead of turning the neck facing to the inside of the neckline I left it as a sort of narrow flat band, which of course made the neckline a bit higher again. To match this band I also varied the sleeve cuffs, and didn't turning them over as shown in the technical drawing below. Because my fabric was a very loose weave it also stretched out along several edges, particularly at the waistline, so I took up this excess fabric with some pleats on the waistline to align with the front shoulder pleats. 

Here are the technical drawings of the top and skirt from V1247:

and here's the back view from the pattern envelope pictures:

FYI this pattern is rated Average /  Moins Facile, but the instructions for the top are really straightforward. There are some french seams but that's about as hard as it gets. I haven't made the skirt (yet - it's definitely on my projects list) but apparently it uses Hong Kong seam finishing, which I've never tried - I'm guessing the skirt is harder than the top!

And I'm planning on making this again very quickly in a bright Indonesian cotton - I'm tempted to make it in a whole lot of different fabrics, but it'd be a bit crazy to build up a whole wardrobe of tops that were all the same shape wouldn't it???


  1. The seaming on your top is fantastic. It sounds like a great fabric find too. It looks lovely, and I can see exactly why you need a summery cotton version :)

  2. Hi Kbenco - hey, we're online at the same time. Thanks for your comment - this is a pattern I can thoroughly recommend! Please stop me if I make more than about 3 of these though... it could become my uniform!

  3. I didn't notice this pattern made up as a print. Your version in a solid colour really helps to show of the construction of it. So much better!

  4. Love your new top. I completely over looked this pattern. Do you think you'll make up the skirt?

  5. Ha.
    Don't talk to me about Repeat Patterns.
    Go for it.
    Make as many as you want.
    It looks great. Nice fit and intriguing design.

  6. That is such a nice top. The pattern picture does not show the interesting seaming. I love the red Indonesian fabric. I can't wait to see the blouse made up in it.

  7. Thanks everyone - I think I only noticed this pattern because I was looking for a top amongst Vogue's new patterns!

    Robin, yes, I would like to make the skirt, and if I have any luck with it I'll post details. I tend to stuff up with skirts though :-(

    Joanne - #2 is done now, and I'm sooo tempted to make #3 straight away. Restrain me someone! How many of 1 pattern have you ever made in a row? Just to give me a benchmark of normalcy...

    Audrey, for once I'll be able to keep a promise - the orange ikat version is done and if I can take some photos tomorrow the post will go up then.

  8. Very interesting design - I like it very much!


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