Thursday, 2 December 2010

Vogue 1039 - Jacquie's Hammered Silk Satin Tunic

In early November I came across a surprising post from Jacquie at Home Made Couture. She had made this most glorious, glamorous tunic (these are her pictures):

 which looks so much like the pattern picture it's astonishing:

and even though it was clearly a tunic of great beauty she was sadly sending it to her local op shop.  I stuck my neck out and asked Jacquie if it could possibly come to Sydney instead... and she said it could! I sincerely hope she isn't regretting that despatch.

This Donna Karan (of course) pattern is one that I've often admired, but I was pretty sure it was beyond my skill levels. Looking at all the details in Jacquie's tunic I am quite sure of it.  On the inside, everything looks neat as a pin - wow.  There's delectable ruching down the sides, pleats on the front and a gathered back skirt that's lower than the front.  There's interesting shaping on the hem bands, bringing the deep (lined) hems in to create an impression of curves.  Jacquie made some modifications - or improvements I should say - but they are so well integrated you'd swear it was the way Ms Karan intended.

I should show you that it fits:

Note to self - sit ups suggested
I need to wear it forward a tad on the shoulders, sorry
I so love this tunic I've even joined a gym for it.  Thank you Jacquie for your generosity - and you are a great seamstress!


  1. It's beautiful! And does fit you so well.
    Whenever I go onto Home Made Couture, I'm always amazed at how professional and perfect everything looks, as opposed to how my work is full of errant string, etc. I was also surprised to see she was dissatisfied with this top! I would love to be able to have/sew a garment like that.

  2. I know! I aspire to be able to sew like her! It is a really gorgeous tunic - so if she decides she wants it back after all I will send it back.


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