Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The "Marc Jacobs" Jersey: T-Shirts and a Dress

The Fabric Store in Surry Hills has delicious and unusual fabrics, and also some pretty good sales. I went along when they had summer knits on sale in late October and amongst other things picked up some cool "Marc Jacobs" jersey. I haven't seen any Marc Jacobs clothing from this fabric so I don't know if it really is... Anyway, it wasn't on sale but was still very reasonable for a double layer jersey! I bought 0.6m of it in a grey-ish white and 1.4m in light blues. A quick self-drafted t-shirt to test the drape using the small white piece:

This is pretty boring on, and that's why I didn't bother asking my small children to have a go at taking photos of me in it (Oh, careful! No, press that big button - yes, that one... Oops, try not to drop the camera!) or drag a stool outside to set up a self-timer photo.

Apart from more liberal use of swimming costume elastic on shoulder seams and neckline, it's pretty much the same shape as another self-drafted t-shirt that I've been wearing to death this year, but that drapes very differently (single layer jersey): 

If you look closely, those red patterns are groups of airplanes

Anyhow, my plan is to make a dress from the blue fabric:

Given this is a double-layer knit and so more bulky than usual, I'm having to think carefully before sewing. Part of me thinks the interest should be in the cut fabric shapes, and part of me thinks this texturally busy fabric should be made into something that's a plain shape and distinctly untricky. My current thoughts are that 
this (Vogue 1179 DKNY) would be easy, and the fabric would be sufficiently different from my khaki version so that people may not notice it's the same dress:

but that this (Vogue 8685 Easy Options) white dress might be interesting, using the fabric at right angles on the waistband perhaps:


  1. That Marc Jacobs fabric is so great. I think the clean lines of the T shirt really highlight the unusual fabric. But either dress would look interesting made up in the blue. I am looking forward to seeing which one you choose.

  2. Thanks Audrey, it's got a lot of stretch so I'm tending to the first option even though making the same dress twice is a bit boring - so many patterns and so little time.

    I love your curvy jacket by the way - I love how you've turned the outer inset fabric on an angle; it looks so stylish!


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