Thursday, 30 December 2010

V2879 (OOP) Dress-Test 'T' in Jersey

I picked this pattern up in a second hand store - I was interested in the square-neckline, short sleeves and shorter skirt of the green dress on the incognito blonde in the middle, and rather unimaginatively I was considering making it in ------ a pale green linen:

But it's quite an old pattern - from the 1980s I think - so after my bad experience with fit on a 1970s shirt I thought I'd better test it with a muslin first.  The skirt is quite full, so forget about a muslin for that - and I like wearable muslins, so I made it from a knit, lengthened the bodice by about 15 cm, and omitted the buttons down the front by cutting on a fold instead. 

This is the result - I'm really disappointed, so I'm calling this a failure - it looks so rubbish...

The fit is OK, but it needs shoulder pads (which I've included in the above pics). Maybe it's just a really boring pattern.  My messy stitching around the neckline doesn't help - but I was trying to make an improvement!  I think I'll hold off on making this dress for now - my pale green linen remains in the stash.

PS The shoulder pads included above are quite interesting; each has 2 narrow strips of velcro on the underside to attach around your bra straps. I came across these second hand but new in their packet.  Just imagine how useful they would've been in the 1980s - instant shoulder pads with everything! And they look so attractive just on their own, hanging off a bra in all their beige puffiness.  Shame the velcro is so scratchy - of course the only reason they won't be seeing lots of action around here LOL.

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