Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Vogue 8486: Intended Christmas Dress (belatedly)

I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing Christmas - if you have small kids it probably wasn't that relaxing but hopefully was really fun!  We celebrated Christmas over two weeks: pre-Christmas celebrations with my younger brother and his family and my mum who was going o/s for Christmas with my middle brother and his family; Christmas Eve with my dad and his partner, her daughter and boyfriend and some close friends of my dad's and their family; and Christmas Day lunch with my partner's extended family.  On Christmas Day we were woken early as you'd expect, but it was because the cat had woken my son (she's a very naughty cat who delights in finding breakables to push off high surfaces in the night).   My kids were really chuffed that Santa and his reindeers had eaten their food and the reindeers made their customary mess with it; they were really excited that Santa gave them each the toy they'd asked for, and seemed to enjoy all the other things they were lucky enough to receive.  We adults enjoyed a delicious summery lunch that everyone had contributed to - oysters, antipasti, whole baked salmon, a glazed half ham, a gazillion salads (including the Thai-style prawn salad we made), .... summer pudding AND Christmas pudding!  The weather was also lovely for us and not too hot - unlike Perth.

Anyway, back to the real subject.  For a few days before Christmas I worked fast in small pieces of late-night free time to make a Christmas dress, as so many of you did.  But at the "finishing" stage (hems etc) on Christmas Eve, I realised that our Christmas Day lunch is more casual than the dress I'd been making.  I ended up wearing my linen ikat version of V1175, blogged here.  The intended Christmas Day dress, shown above in unfinished form, may end up as... a work dress?  I'm not sure.  Some of the people at my work dress pretty formally so it would be acceptable work attire.

The dress is the non-sleeved version of V8486, which is supposed to be made in a knit.  The changes I made were: no interfacing; fully lined with a second dress made out of turquoise lining; back slit omitted; and a floppy belt added. And of course woven fabric - a delicious silk satin bought only shortly before Christmas from Tessuti fabrics.   I am sure this would still be in stock - and they have a sale on now.

Below are some "details" pictures.  The grumpy looking pictures by the window show the fabric colours properly.


PS I made this dress earlier this year in a stripey loose knit for winter - but I will have to blog about this separately as I'm being called to play my part in a very involved prince and princess rescue game.


  1. Wow, that dress is fabulous. Perfect marriage of fabric and style.

  2. Thank you Mae! I have to admit I wasn't sure about it at first, but I think the belt improved it a lot (too sack-like without it).


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