Thursday, 16 December 2010

Quick Scoop-Neck T

I looked in my t-shirt drawer and there weren't as many as I thought... well not as many that I liked.  I should have made some sensible basic t-shirts for exercising in, but instead I mixed the Vogue 1013 DKNY top's bodice with the Vogue 1128 Anne Klein top's sleeves:

V1013 bodice, incl. back darts - but excl. back opening
V1128 sleeves, cap gathered as necessary
I omitted the V1013's opening in the back because I barely needed it even when I made this up in a woven fabric - but I left in the darts in the back because I love darts in knit fabrics for some odd reason. Note the darts aren't shown on the pattern's technical drawings. The bands I added around the sleeves and neckline gape a bit but make the t-shirt remind me of those old v-neck white t-shirts that went with 501s like a uniform many, many years ago...  Strangely, despite its imperfections I love this t-shirt.  I know it doesn't look like a brilliant fit but it's really comfortable!  Anyway, here are some pics of what details there are:

Sleeve close-up
Neckline close-up

And there's one of the darts


  1. I think we are on some strange telepathic vogue zeitgeist pattern wave! If you come to Perth one day or I am in NSW we have to have a share the patterns session! A couple of weeks ago I saw this totally glamorous girl walking down the street in Perth wearing a silk charmeuse dress version of 1013 (although she was about 20 and skinny) and went home and dug the pattern back out. And I am currently making 1128 in a lined chiffon. What fabric did you use for the tee?

  2. OK, it's a deal! I know we must have a lot of patterns in common, but it's definitely very telepathic sounding and weird. In fact I was already a bit spooked by your Burda tie-neck blouse - I had been doing a lot of thinking about that pattern :-0 .

    The urge to make this t-shirt came across me very suddenly so I had to use a remnant I had in my stash - a nice quality cotton jersey, quite lightweight.

    20 and skinny makes everything look better - but wow. I wonder if she bought or made it...? The 1013 dress is a good basic shape, although the sleeves are a bit fussy. Your 1128 sounds like it will be gorgeous - I trust we'll see it soon!

  3. This is a cute Tshirt! It looks like the kind of thing I would like to have... er, about 20 of... thanks for showing the pattern!

  4. Thanks, it was quick to whip up - actually multiples in different fabrics isn't a bad idea!

  5. Perfect little tee, I really need to start sewing jersey!


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