Saturday, 27 November 2010

Vogue 9441 (OOP)

Vogue 9441 is a pattern I think I came across in my local op shop. The pattern's not a spectacular-looking thing, but I thought the green version ("C") might be a reasonable basic shirt, and although I know the sizing has changed since the 70s the shirt was described as "loose-fitting".  When I'm sewing I usually start with a 12, and I assumed that a loose 70s shirt might be like a normal shirt these days... I didn't bother with a muslin, and I only checked the dimensions of the pattern pieces in a pretty desultory manner.

Interestingly the sizing just felt 'off' for me. Maybe women in the 70s were expected to have thin upper arms and narrow shoulders, but this shirt felt restrictive around these areas when basted together, so I sewed narrower seams to add some more room. I think it looks really nice hanging from a tree, even when not completely finished - because I love the striped summery Japanese cotton from Tessuti ...


but when it's on, it looks terrible - certainly not at all loose-fitting:

 not even when disguised by a child in a car!

Pattern Modifications:
The band down the shirt front goes rather low, so instead I made it just as long as I thought it would need to be to get on and off.  But in a slapdash way I slashed a little too far down the centre front. This is why I've had to expose the lower edges of the band rather than neatly stitch together, turn inside out and top stitch in place.

I also left off the pocket from the left front because I didn't think my thin cotton would cope with the strain of a pocket.

Comments on the pattern:
I tried to follow the pattern step by step but I should have studied it more thoroughly before sewing; if I had I would've used a different approach on the neck band.  Not that this makes any difference to the fit, which is the real issue. Anyway, the pattern has the right side of the collar sewn into the wrong side of the shirt before you pin the basted edge of collar over the seam (on the outside of the shirt), baste, stitch close to edge, and finally topstitch.  I would have preferred to attach the collar to the shirt the other way around so I could finish up hand sewing the edge of the collar to the shirt on the inside of the shirt.

So here's the question. I've hemmed the edges and sewn down the collar, so all that's left to do are cuffs and closures - but is this shirt worth finishing? I think it would fit my sister-in-law, but would she want it?

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