Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I have a headache

Well that's this week's excuse. I bumped my head very hard on Monday evening and gave myself a touch of concussion, so this week is going to have to be pretty quiet. Last week was just busy, so I didn't manage to finish anything....

My head isn't up to scanning and talking about my latest vintage patterns, but I can show you a little bit of sewing progress - I had hoped to have one of these two projects finished early this week.

First up, V1129, an easy unlined jacket - currently full of pins and messy tailor's tacks, but I think it will work out nicely:


then secondly a knight's costume, based on M5907 and a very easy project - but I think I've snagged the fabric already:

A completed project and more details when my head feels better - promise!


  1. Ouch! I hope you are better soon.
    The collar/neck on that coat looks great.
    I am sure knights were always snagging their surcoats, all that pointy equipment, it just makes it more authentic...

  2. Hope your head feels a bit better! Ooh, you are making that coat pattern - I love that one but still haven't made it. I was looking forward to making some coats this winter but it hasn't been very cold. I like the fabric you are using.

  3. Thanks, I'm a lot better now - quite surprised at how easy it is to give yourself a mild concussion though!

    The jacket hasn't progressed at all this week I'm afraid as another pattern pushed in! I do intend to finish it soon though as it seems to be a nice pattern. I think Perth has had a milder winter than Sydney this year...

    The knight's costume is causing my sewing machine to get a bit upset... maybe it's getting time for a service... Next version of this costume will be in a sturdier fabric for sure.


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