Monday, 25 July 2011

Thanks Again to Donna Karan - V1220

I love this dress - V1220 from a Vogue Donna Karan Collection pattern - but my seasons are completely out! It's the middle of the winter here and I feel the cold, so although I was brave for about 10 minutes this evening this dress will now need to wait till Spring to be worn. 

Excuse my customary lack of make-up, grooming etc - but that's a smile! Yay for proper sewing and a good pattern!

I think everyone that's made this dress has been happy with it. Mine is not a perfect version - for example, my collar pleats don't align and my hem facing inners and outers didn't match up 100%. My hair will cover the collar error and I'll pretend my extra pleats on the hemline are a design feature, so don't tell!

oops on the collar
design feature on the hem

As I was making this I wasn't sure how it would look on my not very curvy shape. I knew it looked stunning on curvy women, for whom it's recommended... but I think it's OK on me too?

thinking... is it a yay or nay?
I'll post a review at Pattern Review at some point, but the essentials are as follows:

Fabric: Stretch cotton-polyamide ("light grey check"), from Tessuti Fabrics, and just $10/metre after 50% off! I bought 2.8m - that length was needed for the belt.

Sizing: I sewed a 12 in the bodice area and sleeves, graded out to a 14 for waist and hips. "Grading out" makes it sound confident, assured, etc but it felt like a gamble as the pattern pieces are not your average shapes.


Any Other Changes: None apart from adding those feature pleats at the hemline, ha!  They aren't that great a feature when seen from behind.

Oh actually I found one - I didn't make the little loops to carry the belt as I'm not sure I'll use the belt. My mother-in-law certainly thought a bow at the waist would be an error of judgement for me and she's probably right (sigh).

Especial Likes: Concealed buttons, pockets, pleats, sleeve cuffs, faced hem... I guess that's why I made a warm weather dress in cold weather.

Watch Outs: Your fabric choice! If you choose to use checks or stripes you are making the job harder than it need be.

Also I think it would be best to use a fabric that doesn't fray too wildly as there are a couple of places where you need to reinforce and then clip in to a corner.  

Conclusion: A great summery dress!

Time to fill my hot water bottle and hit the sack!

... good night~


  1. This is a stunning dress on you! (And I think your "design features" are just fine! My creations often have those, uh, style features.)

  2. This looks great. I like it even better with the bow/belt, particularly from the back.

  3. That's a pretty dress. I like it with the belt. You'll have a new garment when your spring arrives.

  4. YAY! And the belt and bow look great!

  5. Thank you! I will persevere with the belt then!

  6. This dress looks so nice on you, and you slender girls are the ones who can wear the belt and look great. Your version of the dress is the first one I have seen made from a non solid fabric, and I really like the interest the subtle classic check fabric adds.

  7. That pleated hemline looks terrific. I think will do mine the same. It is really slenderizing.

  8. It looks great! I recently bought fabric to make this and I'm so excited to see how nice the pattern makes up.

    Stay warm!

  9. Beautiful dress Gabrielle! It looks wonderful in that fabric and on you and I love the pleats. I think it looks great with the belt.

  10. Love your fabric choice on this one. Lovely lovely dress!


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