Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pattern Magic 2: Wearing a Square

One lot of facings flicked over shoulder
Facings hanging free

This is no doubt the easiest "pattern" in Pattern Magic 2...  there's barely any sewing to it, and not even that much measurement required.  

I made a little paper model first, like the one shown in the book, to understand how the top was to be cut from fabric and which areas needed proper measurements.  This is pre-gussets of course:

The author seems to have made all her creations from woven fabrics (linen?), but on the Wearing a Square pages she comments "It would be interesting to make up this simple garment in a stretch fabric."  Yes!  Finally time for my blue Marc Jacobs double-layer knit to have its moment in the sun! 

Mulling over my paper model and my too-large piece of fabric, I decided to modify the square by using a ridiculously large facing for the front opening - so making more a rectangle than a square. This is very easy to reduce later on though.  I also made rather long narrow sleeves, which get baggy half way down due to the large gussets.

Flat-pack top - the folded fabric down the middle is my extra-wide facing

I didn't finish the edges or sew on any closures because I kind of like unfinished knit edges but also I haven't decided what I want of this. Depending on the final width of the finished facing, this top could have a small cowl, a hood or a scarf (might take a few cuts). The look of the top changes depending how much of the facing is gathered up on the shoulders, which also depends on how much width of facing you have - but whatever extra width you have can obviously be sewn down in permanent ruching if you wish.

Facing folded in half to make a deep hood/scarf

Back view with most of the fabric gathered on shoulders
Side view showing deep gussets, narrow sleeves

Folded over facing and the long narrow sleeves

Adding other geometric shapes to the square or making the fabric folds less symmetric are some of the other possibilities that I'm thinking about...

PS I've come to this Pattern Magic fascination rather late really - if you're interested in seeing more creations from Pattern Magic 2, head over to this Flickr group.


  1. I love it. This is the perfect fabric for the pattern. I have the PM books and love looking at them, but haven't made any of the garments. It is good to know they can be made in knit farics too and look so good.

  2. Hello Gabrielle,

    I saw you asked a question on my blog about Jalie 2915 (tutu pattern). The only change I made was to make the side panels straight at the waist. The pattern is designed for somebody who has a waist measurement smaller than their hips and chest, but my daughter is pretty up and down.

    Your marc jacobs fabric is divine. I have a couple of pattern magic books but have not got any of the pattern to work for me yet. Your modifications look really useful.


  3. Thanks Audrey, to be honest I'm a bit embarrassed that this has so little sewing in it.... this project is very simple but it gets the geometry part of your brain ticking!

    Hi Katherine, Thanks for your answer, I haven't tried Jalie yet but they look to make very useful and tempting patterns. My kids would so envy your kids their dress ups!


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