Saturday, 27 August 2011

...and another OOP

In my last post I said I'd show you what that wearable muslin skirt (from Vogue 1915, OOP) looked like on, so here you are:

If you're wondering, it's not that my neck comes out to the side for a dance or something, it's that the top has squirmed off to the side. 

The shadows are tricky too, aren't they - something to do with the time of day I believe.

Here on the left is proof of at least one functioning pocket - oh wait, make that two functioning pockets - very handy.

You may be wondering about the top too...

... I wondered about the hemline when I saw this photo!

Evidently the top is from the late 1980s - same era as the skirt, which is why it kind of matches even though yes, it is mostly navy blue whereas the skirt is black. I cut this top out ooooh about 20 years ago (woah!) and then left it because it looked too boring. It was a good low-mojo kind of project - the sewing was much easier than expected and I had pretty low expectations and no need to finish the thing if indeed it was too boring.

The pattern is well and truly OOP, a Tamotsu Vogue "career" pattern (V2454). Very easy to sew, very loose, very basic.  The fabric is some kind of chiffon that the younger me had cut out very carefully and precisely, and my sewing machine coped fine with it (with simple French seams wherever possible). A bit too boxy for my liking these days with no darts to shape it, but good for a quick production and no doubt easy to wear.

PS That hemline is straight. The top is not hanging straight. Nothing to worry about.


  1. It is a lovely skirt, very flattering and a timeless style. Isn't it nice to have pockets in a skirt. You cut that blouse out 20 years ago? I was admiring what I thought was a modern print fabric until I read that. It is a bit loose and boxy, but it looks good with the skirt.

  2. That is a great outfit. Timeless. Chic.

  3. Undoubtedly, this shirt won a lot with the print of your fabric, it is not boring at all. Beautiful outfit!

  4. Thank you Audrey, Gwen and Rosy - I haven't yet had the courage to wear this to work, but your comments are encouraging me! I think the only reason I kept that cut out pattern so long was that I really liked the print...


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