Saturday, 13 August 2011

Knight Time

So... I finished that knight's costume last night, and didn't get a chance to show my son till this evening, just before bed. He LOVES it, hooray! Here are some photos showing what knights do (apparently):

I like the costume overall, and it turns out we have a great need for a knight in our home. I wish I hadn't made the centre seams and stitching so puckered - my bobbin case was misaligned grrrr!  I won't be redoing the affected parts - I have two other projects due by Wednesday evening or before.

Pattern: Mc Call's 5907, View C (knight). View A is a costume for a king, and view B is for a forest man.

This is a straightforward pattern, and one that will be very adaptable for other boy's costumes (tunic, hood...). It comes together well and as it's intended to not be too close-fitting, you don't have to be too too careful with the sizing imho. Not much more I can say really....just that I have one happy knight in the house!

My favourite part of the costume was the part I was dreading - the cut out and iron on insignia.  I used double sided iron on stuff (I forget what it's called, I just had some lying about - as you do) and ironed it onto a square piece of black felt, then pinned the pattern piece on and cut out the shape before ironing the shape onto the tunic. You're supposed to make two insignias and iron one inside the other, but I thought it would get too thick and hard to align.

One of my two projects on a deadline is a costume request - my son wants to dress up as Leif from Deltora Quest for the book parade at school next week. I'm thinking just a blue hood/cape, and the special belt as a separate craft activity...

Here's what Leif looks like in the Japanese Anime version of the books:

hopefully I can turn this into a not much sewing project.  I've still got that coat looming, and I've also cut out Vogue 1915 skirt (OOP) in a test fabric...


  1. Wow, what a ferocious defence system. Your knight looks terrific. Great costume.

  2. This is awesome! He makes a fantastic knight! Well done on a great sewing job :)

  3. Hey! Now, you have a great knight defender of law at home! So fun! I'm sure your "gentleman" will this disguise it with great pride for him to be made ​​by mom.

  4. Thank you! I have to say that sewing a knight's costume is more fun than sewing a Tinkerbell...


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