Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Life, Interrupted

It feels ages since I last posted although I know it's only been a little more than a week... My dear friend Chris passed away about 10 days ago from brain cancer, leaving behind another dear friend, his wife, and their young son - I just really haven't felt like blogging since.  There has been some sewing though... Chris' memorial service was last Thursday, and I sewed a cover for the coffin trolley (in a regal looking red velvet) - my first completed project in velvet, but I don't imagine it would make a particularly interesting sewing post.

I had also been doing minimal sewing for the school book parade, but the parade was postponed due to rainy weather - nothing to show there either!

So all I really have to show for the last 10 days is a wearable skirt muslin. The skirt design is vintage but looks current enough to me (do skirt styles just keep getting recycled, or am I just insensitive to the variations?). The pattern is Vogue 1915 (OOP), an Anne Klein pattern from the 1980s or 90s that I picked up recently for 50 cents.

Skirts should be easy but I always struggle with the sizing. This time I cut out a straight 14 but then had to sew narrow side seams, so maybe that should have been a 16. The fabric is a stretch one, that I used before in these trousers (no longer being worn because I did something stupid to the zipper)...

The skirt fits but for now I'll just show it on the dressmaker's dummy:

Photographic evidence suggestive of decent pleats and pockets... but dodgy waistband and vent...

If I can get my blogging mojo back I'll take a picture of the skirt on me and share that; I know the dummy can mislead on fit.

What else to say.... well, if you come across this pattern second hand, it is certainly worth 50 cents or a dollar. Everything lines up well and the pleats and side pockets look good. They'd look better than the above photos in a non-stretch fabric too. There's a centre-front seam, which might even make this a stash-busting pattern.  I wouldn't pay a lot for the pattern though because the vent at centre back is not the schmick kind, and the waistband is cut as a straight piece but seems to need a bit of curve.

I'm considering making this in one of my Tessuti remnant sale pieces... no promises of course :-)


  1. I hope you recover soon your sewing mojo and joy of living, which may cost some time in this situation, but time heals everything ... Take care! I'll be waiting here, across the computer screen ...

  2. My sympathies for your loss. How hard to sew a coffin cover.

    Your skirt does look current, I am sure there is a twin in a recent Burda Style.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, and what a terrible time for his wife and child. It must have been a difficult task to sew a coffin cover, but I'm sure your generosity and thoughtfulness was appreciated.

  4. Thank you for your sympathy. Sewing the cover was heart breaking but it did give me the opportunity to spend several hours thinking about my friend, and I was glad to be able to contribute something practical and also tangible. Yes, Carolyn, it is no doubt a terrible time for them...

  5. Hey, I used to have this pattern! I think I sewed it up 3 or 4 times before recycling it. Nice to see your skirt - it's beautiful!

  6. Ha - a blast from the past then for you Mezzocouture :-) By the way, good luck with your bombshell dress, it looks like it will be fabulous when you finish.


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