Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hey, she pushed in!

Yes it's true, V1129 and M5907 were already there, and V1250 simply pushed in last night - and I let her

But she's so easy-going and straightforward... and such a flatterer!  I guess that's why she's so popular.  She didn't even seem to mind being cropped off at the waist - said something about her neckline being her best feature anyway???

I'm really enjoying V1250's company; she's definitely staying on the sewing table for a while. I guess I'll have to spend some time with V1129 and M5907 soon though...  M5907 had already stopped cooperating because I was taking too long; I'd hate for V1129 to act out like that too.

Pattern: Close-fitting knit DKNY dress with a distinctive cowl neckline and front skirt pieces wrapping around to back. Due to fabric constraints I cut the back piece + 2 inches extra length, and matched the front length to this. On trying the pinned together version I decided I needed more length so added rectangular bands to front and back. Otherwise I followed the instructions religiously - they are pretty clear.

Fabric used: merino wool jersey remnant - there was just 1m, but it was also just $3!

Time to make: cutting took less than 1/2 hour on Thursday evening and then all the sewing took just a few hours on Friday evening, even though I always sew at the slow speed setting.

Conclusion: A big tick!

PS If you're in the Wynyard/ Surry Hills/ Chatswood areas of Sydney in the next few hours, Tessuti shops are having a remnant / end of roll sale that ends today. I stumbled across it yesterday on the way home from work and will post later on my stash-creating finds - but there are some really good quality fabrics in there (Lisa Ho remnants I think), and all at $10 or less (including roll ends).

PPS and my head is all better now, thanks.


  1. Love the blouse! The colour is fabulous and I just adore cowl necks! Too bad I'm not in Sydney--I hear about Tessuti all the time :)

  2. Beautiful top! Love the color and comfort of the fabric, definitely a winner! I want to thank you for your kind words, they were very comforting!

  3. Love your top. Great idea to crop the dress It's the perfect way to let that great fabric shine. That pattern is a recent arrival in my sewing room, now I've just got to find the perfect fabric.

  4. This is beautiful!! And you are so lucky to live near a Tessuti's...

  5. Thanks everyone! I wore this to work today and it was comfortable, cosy and cheery BUT the cowl opened too low on me... is there such a thing as a SBA for cowl necks???? There will definitely have to be some kind of adjustment next time around.


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