Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Vogue 1098 -> Green Shorts

Alas, the boiling hot weather has disappeared too soon - when my shorts are finally done!



I used V1098 yet again, because as I now know, not all Vogue trouser patterns are shaped the same - and I think these are a a pretty good fit.  This is my fifth time using this pattern: I've used it to make pinstripe linen trousers; grey wool trousers; black mystery fabric trousers; and a turquoise cashmere jacket.  I have so got my money's worth from this pattern.

With these shorts so similar except in length to all those earlier trousers I don't have much to say!

The fit is quite snug in the rear, but I intentionally made these up a little smaller than usual this time around because the pinstripe linen trousers have gotten significantly looser after wearing.

My vintage button stash included some buttons that coordinated really well. The button holes aren't perfect but they're what my machine does. Oh and that curve in the waistband is from my pulling the button up for the photo; in real life the waistbands are straight and aligned.


This time around I added side pockets using the Vogue Basics pattern that I had originally planned to use. You can see one of them bulging open in the photo above :-0


The pocket openings are reinforced with tacking stitches, which you probably can't see even in the side view... nice deep (5cm) hems in case I decide they need to be longer. And the photos moved inside because the nextdoor neighbours came out onto their very nearby balcony :-(.  Oh no - caught in the act, looking like such a poser!

I took some time over the fly to try to make it look neat and flat, but by the time I got to finishing the waistband I just wanted to get the shorts finished. So both the waistband and hems are machine rather than hand stitched.

Fabric from The Fabric Shop - a medium weight linen.  Speaking of which, if you're in Sydney this weekend, are you coming to the meetup?


  1. OMG I adore them, the design and the fabric are awesome! As for the beautiful finishing details I can only wish I could make something as neat:)

  2. The green is a lovely colour. Your finishing is spot on. I hope you get some more hot weather this summer to wear them. It has turned here as well.

  3. Nice fitting shorts. No need to buy them anymore when you can make them to look so nice.

  4. You know, the 5cm hem is actually a cool detail. You're such a neat sewer.
    Green is my fav colour.
    I hope to see you on Saturday :)) but I now idea how the weather will turn out yet:(

  5. OH WOW!!! They are perfectly gorgeous shorts! That is a perfect combination: green and linen!

  6. Yep! Coming!

    Like the shorts.

  7. They look so good! I love the colour and I love the hems. I machine sew nearly all my hems. Wish I was going to Sydney meet up!

  8. Lovely shorts. That colour is one of my favourites. (Nice tidy kitchen too)

  9. Love your linen shorts, perfect for the weather we have just had! Good to see you last Saturday.

  10. Ooh. I wish I saw this post before this Saturday as I would have hunted some of this green linen when we were at The Fabric Store. I love them, they look so nice. Not surprisingly I really love the colour and it's making me realise I need to stop fearing linen and just make something in it. It really looks so good.


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