Saturday, 16 February 2013

Colourful Sarong Dress

Earlier this week I put off all my WIPs and sewed a dress from a sarong - such an easy project, but I'm in two minds about the outcome. As it didn't take long to make I guess I now have the luxury of some spare time to angst about whether or not I like it (HA).

Cutting the sarong - edges will make the bodice, middle will make the skirt
With the colour turned down you can see the shape of the eventual dress (well, what shape there is!):

and then (colour back on) here I am in the afternoon sun, wearing what is clearly a loud sack-dress:

On the positive side:

  • finally using a gorgeous handwoven sarong bought a few years back in Lombok (and bought with the intention of making a dress!)
  • cheap (less than $5...)
  • quick to make, and it was fun to experiment with an idea for sewing something out of rectangles rather than using a pattern
  • the colours, and the cute unravelling fringe
  • comfort - this dress is soft, loose, breezy and super comfortable on a hot day. Or night.
  • sun coverage

while on the negative side:
  • the fabric's loose weave meant it just kept shifting as I sewed, and the less than pristine look of my seams and seam finishes bug me
  • the fit isn't how I envisaged: it looks like a muu-muu rather than an arty sort of akira dress :-(. Basically I cut the bodice too wide because I didn't want to insert a zip.
  • I think the fabric is going to grow...
  • the colours are probably unstable and the fringe is going to keep unravelling
  • my 5 year old wardrobe consultant wants one and it has to be exactly the same (not possible!)

wiggly fabric and messy sewing

Navel gazing means looking down... and I do like the stripes and the fringe

Does comfort trump style?  I'm not sure it does for me - but I guess clothes for super hot days aren't usually particularly stylish.  Let's call this step 1 in a series of sarong sewing experiments...

See you!
Gabrielle x


  1. Wonderfull dress! It´s stylish, colorful and you drafted it your self. Great job!

  2. There are days for which a colourful, sack dress is just the right thing. Usually, the same days when a colourful, cool beverage is in hand. Enjoy your sarong dress!

    1. I have to bow to your hot weather wardrobe wisdom, Katherine of Qld! Even though sack dresses look sackline they sure feel good. I do need to train the kids in preparing beverages though :-)

  3. I like it. I think it looks lovely and very summery. The stitching looks fine to mee too (although I do understand about wanting perfection).

    1. Thanks Yana! It might be hard to see but the neckline isn't quite symmetric (I sewed the bias binding imperfectly) plus I ended up having to have two attempts at top stitching around the neck - the original stitch line wasn't straight as the fabric just kept moving off course! Very annoying on a 'simple' project...

  4. I think this sarong dress is another perfectly stylish hot humid summer day dresses.
    You've done a great job on placing the patterns for this fabric. You have the height to make this dress looks so graceful too.

    1. Thank you! I do kind of like it, but it's nowhere near the look I was hoping for!

      BTW all your V1204 jeans have totally inspired me - I've ordered the pattern and look forward to being a copy cat.

  5. Oh this is great, the fabric looks very similar to this dress I made too - PS I found you via Map the Sewintists!


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