Monday, 11 February 2013

Sydney Sewing Social ...

On Saturday I went to my first Sewing Social... oh, the anticipation; I was so excited!

Here are a group of us in Tessuti's (and I forget our photographer's name, but thank you for the photos and sorry I'm so useless with names!) - quite a few people to meet, and this is not even everyone there:

Do you recognise everyone? Names and links are listed on Christy's post. And Renee I have to apologise to you too as I thought your name was Annie - sorry for calling you the wrong name. I'm really terrible with names!

I was initially kind of overwhelmed to meet all these interesting sewing voices in the flesh, so I didn't buy much at Tessuti's: just an irrestistible Liberty Tana Lawn remnant and some gorgeous embroidered blue cotton that happened to be lingering on the counter while I was being served.

I was originally thinking to make a Sorbetto with the Liberty cotton, but there's 0.85 metres of decent width which means I have the option of something more frivolous.  So I'm thinking instead of the top part of V1308, lengthened, with the front ruffle only. That's the tech drawing to the right, and I am unlikely to be able to wear a jumpsuit to work in the near future.

The blue cotton may end up becoing a pleated summery skirt :-). There's 1.5 metres - what do you think? I don't have a specific pattern in mind.

We then walked down to the Fabric Shop, where I went slightly nuts lugging heavy bolts around the shop (but it was the last day of their 50% off sale, so it wasn't an expensive kind of nuts). I bought some DKNY denim, stripey stretch cotton,silk for a dress, and some t-shirt fabric. I also bought upholstery fabric for an overdue chair fix and black jersey for an equally overdue Ninja mask. Everything except the Ninja fabric has been photographed:

That's a t-shirt and jeans, right? Probably a simple kimono sleeve t-shirt and trousers rather than jeans as it's a thin denim with no stretch. I'd like to try some interesting pockets but I don't have a pattern in mind - might have to spend some time going through my BurdaStyle magazine "collection".

These colours have come up looking more muted than they really are. The upper fabric is silk - dark blue with a gold-brown brocade-like pattern on it - for which I'm thinking along the lines of either V1122 (tech drawing on the right) or something from the 60s.

The lower fabric is a charcoal / blackcotton upholstery fabric, intended for a small chair repair job at home. Maria thought it looked good for a jacket and I agree (wish I'd bought more than 1 metre!).

And finally a nice sturdy stretch cotton, intended for some mid-length shorts. Jillian also has some of this fabric for shorts; I think she had a pattern in mind so I expect she'll get to it before I do!

When everyone had what they wanted - and had gone back for anything they'd forgotten - we ambled up to The Clock Hotel for drinks, sewing goss and wedges. Yum!

 Christy got us all wedges!

I had a smile plastered on my face all the way home :-).

Thank you Christy, I'm so looking forward to the next meetup!


  1. You did manage a good haul and it was so good to see you again. Now you have got me worried, I also thought Renee was Annie, please let us know.

    1. Um see below... apparently she is Annie, though I've probably got some other names wrong!

  2. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday! Looks like you bought some lovely fabrics. Look forward to seeing what you make. Btw, I like that top part of the jumpsuit, it would look lovely as a top with that ruffle.

  3. You've just reminded me - Renee was Annie! Gosh I"m blonde!

  4. Sounds like such a fun day - looking forward to seeing the new additions all sewn up :)

  5. Hey! I’m Hazel and I'm a fan of your blog.

    Recently, I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award. As part of the award, I get to choose 11 bloggers to pass the award on to. I have chosen you as one of the recipients because I love your blog, and I think you deserve some recognition for all the hard work you do! I would love it if you were able to accept the award and pass it on! There are more details about the award on my blog, as well as an "award" button that you can copy for your blog if you would like to.

    Thanks for creating such a great blog and inspiring me as a part of the online sewing community!


  6. Hi Gabrielle.
    I was thrilled to finally meet you in person. The colours you've chosen will really look great on you.
    And I wanted to remind you that your dress was really stunning in real life. It flowed so gracefully on what was a sticky day.
    See you again.


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