Friday, 27 April 2012

Me-Made-May '12 + My Wardrobe tab

I'll be taking part in Me-Made-May this year - although I know the weather will probably be chilly and so I'll have fewer homemade efforts available to wear than in summer. Somehow I always sew too many warm weather clothes and not enough of the cosy stuff!  Since work is insanely busy with my manager on 5 weeks leave, my parents are both still recovering from illness / operations, and my kids are running around yelling a lot these days, I'm not going to promise more than 1 item per day. I will be aiming for 10 items per week though, including me made items worn by any family members that prove amenable to coercion (probably only the youngest family member).


I, Gabrielle from 'Up Sew Late' do hereby sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12, and will endeavour to wear 1 me-made item each day for the duration of May 2012.  If through lack of sleep or brain fog I am unable to wear a me-made item on any given day, I will catch up by wearing two me-made items on the following day.  I will also attempt to coerce family members into wearing me-made items in May 2012, withe the aim of reaching 10 me-made item wears per week.

I don't intend on blogging about what I'm wearing every day but I will try to do a few roundup posts during May. I'll probably be posting my proof photos on the MMM group on Flickr...but there's also going to be a Facebook place to hang out and chat in a Me-Made way :-)

Last year these were the photos that summarised my self-stitched wardrobe:


casual skirts

more dresses

long sleeve tops

skirts, a pair of pants and a jacket
work / play tops

work tops

But what awful photos! 

This year to help myself review what's in my wardrobe I decided to put together a visual summary of my me-mades, which will sit in a new tab (up in the top left hand side) called "My Wardrobe". I'm late to the tab party, aren't I!  Here's the work in progress if you're interested. I will be adding links from the photos to the original posts, and I'll probably rearrange the photos - maybe by season, or colour, or even by wearability - what do you reckon? 


  1. Wow! You've made a lot of great clothes for yourself. It's kind of neat to see it all pulled together here.

    1. Thanks - there is a lot to choose from BUT it seems very much skewed towards the warm weather and parties! Oops!

  2. I look forward to May - Might join you in the MMM challenge. I'm still contemplating it though.

    1. I hope to see you there!

      I know Zoe wants it to be a challenge with respect to our me-made wardrobes, but it's a bit hard to commit to with the ups and downs of young kids... I have given myself an 'out' though for skipped days - could you do that too?

  3. I was pondering whether to join in with MMMay when I read your post and decided to give it a go! Looking forward to reading your posts through the month.

    1. Yay - see you there! Sound like a huge number of people are joining up this year, so it should be really interesting!

  4. Good luck! It looks like you have a bunch of great things to work with.


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