Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Inspiration from Barbie?

In case you came here expecting a serious essay, I apologise in advance. I'm not really a Barbie fan but I just don't have the energy to get my anti-Barbie thoughts lined up properly. Anyway, this blog is about sewing. And this post is about small scale sewing.

  • My daughter loves Barbie. But she also loves every other shape, size, colour and age of doll. And she knows that Bratz dolls look wrong.
  • Barbie has a lot of seriously inappropriate (eg falling off her boobs) clothes, since this seems to be all she can get at the shops. In this respect she seems to fare worse than other dolls.
  • Barbie's tarty wardrobe can be replaced over time - using a tasteful vintage trousseau pattern*, of course. 
I present by way of supporting evidence Item 1, the Liberty-Linen frock.


Here's the spiel:

A modest dress that masquerades as top and skirt, this dress is made from the most delectable of scraps - Liberty Tana Lawn coupled with Italian linen - and fastens with 3 darling old-fashioned press studs. A sure-fire winner with mothers and daughters alike, this dress can be used in true-to-life 'Barbie goes to the office' pretend play.

Further supporting evidence is seen in Item 2, the chic coordinating linen dress and jacket:


From the jungle to the office, this classic ensemble of sheath and jacket in graphic Italian striped linen cuts a swathe through the competition. 
"That smart girl bonus? Yes, I'll take it!"
Just another day in the life of the trousseau collection...

All joking aside, I do think these little outfits are very smart, and I wouldn't mind having them in my own wardrobe. (Hey Big 4, how about it?)   And I do love this striped linen. It's left over from a now lost dress made some 20+ years ago, and still crisp and clean looking. Lucky Barbie - there wasn't enough fabric for even a small person.

This is the pattern used:

I have been under pressure to make the wedding / party dress with a full skirt next, but that will have to wait as adult sewing swings into catchup mode - the weather in Sydney has switched back to winter mode and I don't seem to have enough warm clothes.

And coming soon - blog fixes (so that you can see all my posts, I hope, and take part in the giveaway if you want to!), and show-and-tell of some silk and jersey tops (for me) as well as a vintage pattern dress for my daughter.


  1. Lovely work. I'm sure Barbie is chuffed with her new outfits.

  2. Love Barbie's new clothes - so much nicer than the some of the tacky clothes at the shops. I think my head would have burst trying to sew those tiny seams :)

  3. Bratz dolls do look so very wrong, don't they. Especially once their feet go missing. Great work on the Barbie outfits...sewing for dolls is very fiddly. All those people who say they started their fashion career sewing for Barbie...I always wondered why they kept going when sewing for barbie is so fiddly.

  4. I love that pattern- it's an old fav. Your linen suit is definitely making Cindy and Midge jealous.

  5. I too like the stripey suit the best too .....Oh lord please please please don't let my girls see this please please please! They love Barbie and I have a feeling they would be hanging out in the sewing room distracting me from, well larger stuff :o)

  6. Oh don't get me started on Bratz dolls - ugh! These are awesome! My little one is still not quite into dolls enough to start getting requests for little outfits, but I know the time will come.

  7. Barbie has never looked more appropriately dressed.


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