Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Award + Giveaway

Apologies if you are one of the very few people who have already seen this post - it didn't update in the normal way so I've reverted to draft and am now republishing.  

I've been away from this blog and everyone else's for.... well, seems like ages.  I'm way behind, and I haven't told you that the Versatile Blogger Award was sent my way - three times! 

 Thank you

Thank you so much Karin, far away in England), Jeyco, not so far away in Japan, and Doobee, right here in Australia.  I'm really touched that you thought of my blog for this award, and I'm tremendously flattered to be in such fine company! 

Before I tell you seven things about myself I wanted to also say thank you to the people who read this blog, and especially those of you who take the time to comment. And thank you in particular to those of you who sent kind wishes for my parents - my dad is now recovering in hospital after a bowel operation, and my mum is staying at my place while she tries to recuperate (but she still has no diagnosis). So for you lovely followers anywhere in the world here's a giveaway - and you'll get a second entry if you've left me a comment before.

The followers' giveaway
Up to 4 patterns - your choice from the following selection:

If you want to be in it and you follow this blog, leave me a comment letting me know which (max 3) of these patterns are of interest to you and also including a contact email address. Entries will close at midnight next Sunday 15th Tuesday 17th April 2012.  If you don't like these patterns, I do have a bunch more patterns to give away in the future too, and I'm going to try to part with some fabric too.

pattern envelope fronts

Pattern descriptions, top row, left to right:
  1. Vogue 1236, DKNY, very easy, size 8-10-12-14, loose-fitting dress with self-fabric tie belt
  2. Vogue 2971, Koos Couture, advanced, size 6-8-10, loose-fitting pullover top with front extending into self-tie ends, long sleeves, + flared skirt, above ankle but slightly longer at back, with elasticized waistband, yoke with back zipper, seaming variations, contrast applique and fabric trims, contrast upper and lower skirt sections, pockets, upper side panels (no side seams), shaped hem
Pattern descriptions, middle row, left to right:
  1. Vogue 8554, very easy Vogue, size 6-8-10-12, fitted lined dress - sleeveless or tulip sleeves
  2. Vogue 8650, very easy Vogue, size 6-8-10-12, loose fitting pullover tops with pleats and raglan sleeves
  3. Butterick 5033, easy, Retro Butterick '52, size 14-16-18-20, close-fitting dress with darted bodice, cut-in armholes, front keyhole opening or contrast collar with ribbon bow
  4. Vogue 7954, Vogue men, size 15-151/2-16, loose fitting shirt with collar on band, yoke, pocket variations, placket and button cuff variations
Pattern descriptions, bottom row, left to right
  1. Butterick 6622, Quick! Butterick, size 14 bust 92cm/36", Misses' loose fitting shirt dress with front button closing, small pointed collar with button trim, pleated patch pockets, self-drawstring waistline, side seam pockets, side hemline slits, button cuffs with continuous lap opening and button and tab trim
  2. Butterick 6880, Junior Petite size 5JP bust 79cm/31", high-fitted flared dress or tunic with surplice neckline, gored skirt and short puff or full length sleeves gathered into buttoned cuffs,  + slightly flared pants with elasticized waistline and back zipper
  3. Simplicity 6106, Look Slimmer Pattern, size 16 bust 97cm/38", Misses' and Women's shirt-jacket with button trimmed flaps and patch pockets, shirt type collar, set-in sleeves gathered to buttoned cuffs, self-fabric tie-belt, + skirt with front inverted pleat, back zipper and waistband, + pants with back zipper and waistband
  4. Butterick 6336, size 10 bust 83cm/32.5", Junior and Misses' high-fitted, A-line dress or top, has front and back tucks released at waistline, self or contrast standing band collar and self or contrast full, full length sleeves gathered into buttoned cuff, + straight-legged pants with elasticized waistline

pattern envelope backs

Back to the Versatile Blogger Award 
7 things

1. I studied Home Economics for a term in high school but I wasn't a successful student. We made denim skirts - mine was very shoddily made and ripped up the centre back seam on its first wear! Oops. Unfortunately in a very public arena too...

2. Apart from that blip, I learnt to sew by watching my mum when I was young, using her scraps for wonky  handsewn clothes for my dolls - and then by having mum nearby to help me when, as a uni student, I wanted to make myself the sort of clothes I couldn't afford. When I joined the workforce my sewing pretty much stopped - till a couple of years ago when I needed a creative outlet.

 3. I'm an introvert
     I really enjoy public speaking.

4. The thing that drives me nuts is when people don't give credit; when they take someone else's work or ideas and knowingly pass it off as their own . I've experienced this myself at work with technical papers and research / analysis, and seen my friends experience it.  I'm sure it happens everywhere! Do you think we sewing bloggers need to give credit for our inspirations, or is it enough to give credit to the patterns we use?

5. I read very fast - it can be a paperback / day habit - and recently I've been rediscovering some of my old childhood favourites. It looks like I favoured historical and fantasy genres - that's not the case any more:
the Susan Cooper "The Dark is Rising" series (what a treat!),
anything by Joan Aiken ("Go Saddle the Sea", "Night Birds on Nantucket", "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase" etc),
"The Weirdstone of Brisingamen" and "The Moon of Gomrath" by Alan Garner,
"Horned Helmet" by Henry Treece, and
"The Wool-Pack" by Cynthia Harnett.

6. My favourite colour is blue. All kinds. But I'm very fond of most of the other colours too.

7. My family moved countries a lot when I was a kid, and I travelled quite a bit as a young adult. So far we've taken our kids on trips around NSW and Queensland (2 states in Australia, for those of you who don't live here), as well as to Thailand and Indonesia, and we also took my son to New York before his sister was born, but I'm so-o-o looking forward to taking them both to countries I used to live in when they're a bit older.

Pass it on 
Not least, I need to pass the award on

Because I think lots of great Australian and New Zealand sewing blogs seem to fly under the radar (and I don't know why that is - unless seasonal sewing inspiration is very important?) I'm going to stick mostly to nominating Aussie and Kiwi blogs - these are among my favourites, but I do follow a lot of blogs so obviously there are many more that I enjoy! No pressure to accept, and I apologise if I've forgotten to include your great blog or if I've included you but you already had the award.  

Homemade Couture

Bloom's Fabric Obsession

Raindrops and Bellyflops

Sew Love Red

Kbenco's Projects

Little Betty Designs

The Dreamstress

And Sew it Seams 

Frabjous Couture (an exceptional exception in New York)

Coming soon

Next up I'd better share some sewing with you. I've made a couple of cute tops and a vintage pattern dress for my daughter... 


  1. GFC blog follower- mframe00
    I love:
    Vogue 8554
    Vogue 8650
    Vogue 1236

  2. Thanks Gabrielle, I'm not sure how versatile I am, but I really appreciate you thinking of me.

  3. Oh congrats and yay some new links to check out. Great giveaway too - though my pattern hoarding has gotten silly (well, for me anyway), so i shall just watch for the winner!

    Introvert who likes public speaking? Very interesting ...

  4. Thanks Gabrielle for the mention. Many of the blogs you listed are among my favourites too. I'd have to go with one of the Vogue patterns I think. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. You won! Congratulations - as per our emails, V1236 and V8554 will be heading south shortly!

  5. OK I have changed my mind because I really like the Vogue tops and have been meaning to try a bloke's shirt pattern. So please put me into the draw and if I am lucky enough to win may I have Vogues 8650 and 7954?

    Love the petite Butterick but am so NOT a 79cm bust, nor would the difference be catered for by a FBA.


  6. Super to read a little about you, and it gives me a few new blogs to go and have a peek at!!!
    As for the patterns, I do like the look of Vogue 1236 - I was very short on dresses this past summer and really need to fix this. It looks like it would be super-cool wearing in our hot climate - have you made it up at all???? Thanks for the give-away chance - very generous of you...

  7. I like the DKNY dress and the 50's Butterick dress - lovely!

  8. Thank you Gabrielle,how kind of you to pass on the award and for your giveaway.

  9. Hi I'd love V8554 and V1236 - I need some very simple dresses so I can make them quickly. In Brisbane weather we can wear dresses year round with a coat! sofiem@internode.on.net

  10. Hi! I love vogue 1236 and Butterick 6336. Cjillian (at) ozemail (dot) com (dot) au

  11. What a lovely giveaway. I have fallen in love with the Butterick 5033. Please count me in.


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