Saturday, 31 March 2012

OWOP: Days 4-7

Continuing on with the one week, one pattern theme...

Day 4 was sunny but with a chill in the air...

Can you spot the difference with my other OWOP pictures?

Oops, no skirt!

I didn't know what to wear. I didn't want to wear the stripey skirt to work on two or three consecutive days, I hadn't finished the work version of the pattern that I'd started, I hadn't started sewing my printed silk version, and I knew I shouldn't wear the casual linen one.

At least this outfit is very me-made: I made the pants, the top, and the jacket. And I was very cosy.

Day 5:
I wore my new skirt - I said above it was a work version, but you could also call it an armchair version because that's what the fabric was probably intended for. I don't know if this looked odd for work but no one said anything.

I wore it to work like this:

a bagged lining

but the day quickly warmed up, and jettisoning the jacket improved my outfit no end:

Anyway I love this fabric; I bought it years ago from an interior decorator sale or something (pre-kids, back when I had time to find and attend unusual sales).

It's heavy and rich looking, but on the wrong side there are a lot of loose embroidery threads so this incarnation of the skirt needed proper lining to stop me pulling the threads with a clumsy foot. So this skirt has a bagged (dark green) lining, which I am very happy with. The pocket lining is gold, cut from leftover bits from a kid's costume.

The other pattern changes I made were to reduce the pleats in the front, since I didn't have enough fabric for the pattern width, and to make a tie from the waistband in centre back. I don't seem to have done very well with the tie though as I forgot to leave room for a knot - so the waistband isn't properly snug now. I might need to go back and add a concealed fastening on the back waistband...

I don't think I'm going to blog the sewing details separately, so I'll just mention it quietly here - this skirt was FREE to make! Third time with a pattern = free, all the fabric was leftover from other projects (to tell you the truth I had bought this fabric to make a couple of lovely bolsters. There was quite a bit left over), and I even used up lots of half spools of thread and half used bobbins (serendipitous?).

Day 6:
My stripey skirt again. I just didn't have time to sew up the patterned silk version that I had cut out, and being tired and fluey it didn't seem sensible to burn the midnight oil.

On about Monday my partner commented that my skirt didn't really fit - too baggy across the rear - and when I checked myself out and looked carefully at the pattern envelope I saw he was right. I think I cut this skirt out extra large, expecting it to shrink; it didn't, and I ended up needing to insert elastic in the waistband. So I'm hoping this skirt is the largest of my trio and that the others are not too baggy from behind.

For a change I've paired this with something spotty and green - doesn't that sound nice!

There's good reason for face cropping...

It was late when I took my photos and the light was low but this is what the skirt + jumper look like together up close: 

Day 7:
Back into casual mode for Friday... possibly too casual for work's dress code, but I suppose a single trespass would probably be OK. And one of my Marketing colleagues gave me a skirt unsolicitation :-)

... and jump!
pose ...

And just as I'm getting used to skirts, skirts, skirts, we are all done! 

It hasn't been as intense as a me made month, but I have learnt something about my wardrobe.  Looking through my photos I realised that this skirt is not as flattering a shape as I had thought - at least not for someone with a high, wide waist.

For those who read my last post and might be wondering, my mum is still in hospital but after having some fluid aspirated from the lining around her lung her breathing is a lot more comfortable. Also the specialists seem to be making progress in finding out why that fluid was there - it's definitely an auto-immune disease - so hopefully within the next week they'll be able to give it a name and we'll find out if this is something that can be managed. 

Sunday 1st April 

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts; I think my mum is going to be OK.  Her specialists should be doing some final scans tomorrow and then starting her on steroids for the auto immune disease - there has been no sign of anything other than auto immune issues so far.

I've had some more bad news though. Today my father was also rushed to (a different) hospital. His partner says he has a blocked bowel and has been vomiting blood; it sounds pretty serious. I know a sewing blog is not the place for this, but you guys feel like dear friends and I don't think I'm going to be able to focus on sewing until my family has got through these crises.


  1. I like the striped skirt best. I do think the skirt is flattering. It makes your waist look slim.
    Glad to hear that your mom is a lot more comfortable now. I hope you can get a diagnosis and move on to treating her in a targeted way.

  2. Just love the 'interior' fabric on you with the cute little jacket. Though, the close-up of the spots and stripes is a great combo as well. Well done to make it through the week. Fingers are crossed for your Mum's health...

  3. It looks like you've had a lot of fun with the challenge of one week, one pattern. All the skirts look so different, it's hard to believe they are the same design.

    And my best wishes to you and your family right now. It's really hard waiting by to learn what is going on.

  4. I like them all though the last one is my fave. The colour is lovely. Fingers crossed for you mum.

  5. I can't decide if I like the light blue or the stripes best. Well done on completing the challenge, I really think OWOP would be harder than wearing a month of 'me made' clothes.

    Glad to hear things are improving for your mum.

  6. best wishes for your mother - hope she is OK.
    I love all your skirts but esp the striped version.

  7. I love the stripe with the jumper! Gorgeous combo! I still have a pattern for you- could you send me your address? It really wants to come home with you!
    Your family is in my thoughts- goodness- what a week!

  8. You did a great job with OWOP, I really like that striped skirt!
    I'm so sorry that your parents are both ill, a very stressful time for you. Best wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery for them both. And please take care of yourself too!


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