Tuesday, 27 March 2012

OWOP: Days 1 - 3

I decided ages ago to have a go at Tilly's OWOP challenge - but I'd thought to have a bit more variety sewn up in time.  I currently have two skirts made from Vogue 1174 (yes, well spotted, it's a dress pattern), one that needs some finishing, and a fourth cut out.

Evidently there has been other stuff going on than sewing in my life. It's true - there have been camping, sewing room electrical issues, tiredness and flu. Less flippantly though my mum has been really ill: 2 weeks ago she quietly checked herself into hospital via the emergency department for painful breathing problems. She was discharged 5 days later with antibiotics and time off work but without an opinion as to what was (still) wrong, and after a week at home she was in a very bad state. She was rushed back to (another) hospital in an ambulance on Saturday morning, and the staff at the second hospital seem to be actively trying to work out what's going on.  The obvious but terrible contenders (pneumonia, a clot on the lung, cancer etc) have been ruled out, but there's a reasonable chance of an auto-immune disease being implicated. We're very anxious for the underlying cause to be identified so it can hopefully be treated.

So. I have been reading lots of blogs and adding heaps of stars in Google Reader but I'm really behind with my commenting, and with my sewing and blogging... 

Without further ado here are my OWOP days 1 - 3.

Day 1: What you might wear if you had thought it was going to be a regular weekend day at home... obviously OK too for accompanying your mum in the ambulance to hospital.


I hadn't planned to hop into the ambulance with my mum, but I think being a "+1" was useful.  I imagine it must be nice to have a close family member or friend with you when you're being rushed to hospital, but it also seems worthwhile to be able to help answer some of the detailed medical questions for paramedics, nurses and doctors on the trip and when you arrive at the hospital.

This skirt was originally blogged here.

Day 2: What you might wear after you slept in and missed your son's first soccer match of the season. Sorry!

You might wear this in the afternoon to take your daughter to the GP to get stitches in her eyebrow after she slipped over on her Fuzzy Felts and hit the coffee table (she was very brave). You might then wear this to visit your mum in hospital.

This skirt was originally blogged here.  I added some elastic in the waistband to correct the loose fit, since it didn't shrink in the wash as anticipated.

Day 3: What you might wear to work when you hadn't planned for the weather to get cooler again.  A small jacket helps, but stockings would have helped too.

I hadn't realised how similar this is to Day 2.

You can see that my daughter is fine and able to lead the dance as usual. She just has a small bandage over one eyebrow - a visual reminder to her kindy friends that they should play gently with her for now, and a good coverup for spidery looking black stitches. Her dress is from a sweet 1950s pattern; I'll write that up soonish.

Thanks for reading this!


  1. Oh, no. Poor mom. Best wishes to her. I just came through two stays in the hospital and thank goodness for my daughter being there for me, as you were for your mom. I like that black and red outfit. Very chic!

  2. Sounds like you've been having a rough time, but you do look lovely. Hope that mum gets better soon.

  3. Best wishes for your Mum and the rest of your family. I can't imagine that you have time to blog at all, let alone catch up with commenting....life comes first.


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