Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Let's have another giveaway... and check out my Vogue t-shirt

Giveaways are fun! And they make a small (hmmm infinitesimal?) contribution to cutting down on my stash :-0.

This post-blogday, pre-birthday giveaway is for your choice of two patterns:

1) Vogue 1222 in size AA (6-8-10-12), a pattern I bought new not too long ago but haven't used. It's an Anne Klein New York dress with some great topstitching details; I think it would be perfect for office wear in a tropical wool or lightweight double knit (two of the recommended fabrics). On the Vogue patterns website you can see more pattern details, including this dress description:

Fitted, lined, above mid-knee dress has short (unlined) sleeves, seam and topstitch details, back vent and invisible zipper. 


It looks like a good pattern (check out this fabulous review) to me but I don't think I'm going to get around to it.


2) Simplicity 2922 in a size P5 (12,14,16,18,20) (EUR 38-40) (FR 40-48), another pattern I bought new but have not gotten around to making. This one has a lot of positive reviews over at Pattern Review, and looks like a straightforward dress to make - with several options for length, sleeves, and neckband.


This pattern is out of print but still available on the Simplicity website if you want to see some better quality pictures or zoom in on the images.

Any rules? Yes. This time around it's only open to followers - but you can be anywhere in the world; I'm happy to post internationally. Entries close at midnight Sydney time on Tuesday, 8th November. Oh and if your email address isn't available from your profile or your blog please note that in your comment so I can contact you if you win.That's it~! 

Now onto the t-shirt :-). Bet you were looking forward to that!

So... I thought I'd try making a t-shirt from a proper pattern, Vogue 8650 - ooh the novelty - and given how simple t-shirts are, I assumed success would be guaranteed.
Not necessarily. Can you define success?

This is an OK around the house / post-beach kind of t-shirt, and very comfortable (I'm wearing it now) but it's just not good enough for casual Fridays at work or for a BBQ with friends. It reminds me of a cheap t-shirt I bought at Target a few years back for its colour (and that I now wear to the gym). I guess if it gets more saggy in the wash it can makes friends with the others in the gym collection.

I made this in a straight size 12, but it feels too big in the neckline and sleeves and the fabric pools around the waist. I guess it would be good for the first trimester of a pregnancy.  It's easy to make as in there aren't too many steps and only 3 pattern pieces. However, there's a bias binding applied to the non-pleated areas of the neckline, and even with my walking foot the knit fabric on top of bias binding didn't want to sit flat. And others on Pattern Review have commented that the pleats are not equal widths (I adjusted them as I went to try to make them look even).

PS Yes that is a strange thing on my head, I believe it's called a fascinator, but we can say it's a flower. We had a fabulous work function for half the day to celebrate the 10 mins or less of Melbourne Cup race, and the happy buzz lingered to the evening - so the flower got to stay on when I changed out of my nice frock :-). 


  1. It's always good to have a collection of casual t-shirts. I like this one.

  2. It's always an odd feeling when you finish sewing something and it ends up feeling a bit 'Kmart'. I've had that experience a few times and it's always a bit of a bummer. I could actually do with more around the house shirts so this would be a bit of a blessing for me. Can you please enter me in the Simplicity draw.

  3. Melbourne Cup is just the perfect excuse to frock up, flaunt our stylish fashions (and fascinators), sit back and enjoy a glass of bubbly at work - lucky you to have had a half day function. Pity it is only once a year...
    Would love to give Simplicity 2922 a go - looks like a very versatile and popular pattern.
    Happy Pre-Birthday wishes, and good luck at reducing your stash - a very brave move indeed!!!

  4. The t-shirt is looking very comfortably. I like the colour of it and how it fits to you.
    I like the Simplicity 2922, because it looks like a simple pattern with many possibilities to create your style. Yes I am a follower of your blog since I saw it for the first time and I like it very much.

  5. Vogue 1222 please :) Nice t-shirt!

  6. Please toss my name into the hat for Vogue 1222. I do like the colour of the t-shirt. I believe it's salvageable. Perhaps you could shorten it to about hip level to remove some of the pooling and then take in the waist to create a more flattering fit. You could also insert a few more tucks in the neckline. I see it with a navy or grey bottom and brown or burgundy accessories.

  7. Thanks everyone - it's true, comfort is not equal to style, right? The next t-shirt may just be something simple and self-drafted, with associated lower expectations. Of course you're all in - thank you for following me!

    Angela, thank you for your thoughtful suggestions, which do sound like they would fix this top really well. I have to admit though I find it very hard to back and adjust completed projects though - too many projects in mind, too many patterns and fabric cluttering the place... I will keep your ideas in mind if I make this again.

  8. You can't go wrong with a good comfy around-the-house Tshirt, and the colour is lovely on you. (no giveaway entry, thanks!)

  9. Ooh please count me in for the Simplicity pattern giveaway, I follow on Google. Some days comfort just has to win out over style. I work with children so style is a rarity as I'm usually covered in various unnmentionable substances. I think that's why I sew, so when I can wear something pretty and spit up free, I want it to fit properly.

  10. I've looked at both of these but have never been sure enough to go ahead! I seem to spend more time searching for the right pattern than actually sewing!!

  11. Ooh please count me in for the simplicity giveaway, shame about the tshirt. I have a similar country road t shirt rich tends to be clingy/ pooly around the middle.


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