Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Winner for Simplicity 2922

The winner of my recent giveaways is Rachel from The Two Windmills. Congratulations Rachel - I'll be in touch to get your postal address, then Simplicity 2922 will make its merry way through to you. 

If you haven't visited Rachel's blog before, she designs and makes the most gorgeous softies, she sews lovely clothes for herself and her boys, she quilts the sort of quilts I would love to be able to make myself... and I recommend you go over and have a look!

There is not much sewing going on here and I've been feeling uninspired and also unsure about this blog. I know my sewing is rather imperfect (and I feel awkward to "show it off"), and frankly I'm getting a bit sick of the sight of my ugly mug in so many pictures (though I know headless pictures are impersonal). I love the pictures of my kids that I post, but although I don't get that much traffic I'm not sure if posting their pictures in public is smart - I removed one kid-sewing post a while back and moved another to "draft" last night. What do you think? Is a blog a piece of indulgence or a public good? Does a blog need to have a theme or is it more interesting of it wanders about? Should adult heads be included in completed project photos? What about kids - should they have their photos posted at all, and if so, how anonymous is enough?


  1. I wonder about all these things.

    Sewing doesn't have to be perfect to show it off. We are man, not machines. Sewing is our hobby, to be undertaken for pleasure and relaxation.

    I prefer photos with head included.

    I prefer blogs with a theme (though "wandering about" may be a theme...for these blogs, I like the titles to be relevant so that I can decide whether to click on the link or not)).

    I can't think of what could go wrong by posting children's photos publicly, but I could just be lacking in imagination.

    I like reading your posts, even if I don't always comment. Sometimes I am too busy to comment. When I am really busy, I don't click on blogs where I usually comment because I don't want to get the guilts by not commenting.

    Before I started blogging, we had no photos of me because I was always the one holding the at least we have photos of me, but perhaps it has become disproportionate the other way!

    I continue to blog because I like being part of a sewing community. I don't have friends who sew and my family do not live near by, so this is one way that I can share my passion with others.

    Whilst I am throwing opinions about...I do prefer if I don't have to sign in or provide word verification to post comments, saving that bit of time. I don't ask for word verification and blogger seems to have got on top of the spam problem, so I rarely get spam anymore.

  2. Thank for your your lovely long comment Katherine. I don't know if I'm having some sort of small suburban existential crisis (I've got similar questions about my work, my parenting, everything else) but I will think about your comments and any others that come in and see if I can steer myself back on course.

  3. I follow your blog for its sewing content. So I want to see patterns, fabrics, completed clothes, and those things being worn. Its up to you re your kids, another blog I read doesn't show the kids facesever they are always looking the other way, or its from the back etc, but that's still fun for me to see their clothes. But hey blogging is about fun and sahring what you are doing so if it doesn't make you happy then don't do it. Obviously I'd like you to post stuff :-)

  4. I agree with everything katherine says!
    When I started blogging it was on everything and anything, but I think blogging on one topic leads to more regular readership and communication.
    Don't worry if your sewing isn't perfect - I post about my stuff-ups and readers seem to love it - they learn and so do I!
    I never ever liked getting my photo taken, and it shows in many of my early shots! But now I don't mind so much and I'm more confident in front of a camera after a lifetime of not being, and even my family photos have improved!
    Plus, I like when people comment and I can go and visit their blog in return. I do hope you decide to keep posting!

  5. Firstly Gabrielle thank you so much for that pattern I can't wait to sew it.

    Secondly I think you are being way too hard on yourself. Your sewing is lovely and I doubt anybody's, everybody even the most gifted sewers have duds. Your Tracy Reese dress is awesome.

    I agree I think headless photos are disturbing. With every photo going on the blog I am feeling less anxious about my body and face insecurities. Photos of kids are tricky and I have thought a lot about it. My in laws live in the country and they follow my blog to see what we are up to, so they do like photo. Yes there are questionable people that might come across them but I try not to think about that.

  6. Hi Gabrielle. I agree with everything Katherine said. Your blog is actually one of my preferred blogs because you often sew things I'm interested in sewing myself which is both educational and inspiring. There are plenty of blogs out there that look better - better layout, better photos etc but they don't actual inspire me. I remember Katherine and I had a similar conversation a few years ago when she was concerned about the quality of her photos and I told her the same thing. Her blog didn't necessarily look the best but for me had the best content which was preferable by far.

    For the record, I struggle with taking photos of myself too. If fact, it's actually the one thing I don't like about blogging.

  7. Hi Gabrielle, I don't know if I have commented before (I don't do too much commenting) but I always read your blog because firstly I relate to "up sew late" I have fewer followers than you , ha ha, but I don't do it for followers. My blog is a bit random as I put other stuff in when I don't have any sewing (I have just finished exams today till March!!) But I don't worry about putting my son's photo on the net .. I think there are easier ways to find photos of children - catalogues are much more available and risqué. I think of my blog as my ramblings and some people like to have a look - I also don't have many friends that sew but I have learned so much in the 18 months I have known about blogs! So I am grateful for all the sewing blogs who put stuff out there - thanks everyone!

  8. One reason I love the sewing blogs is that everything doesn't have to be perfect -- it is about sharing experiences, good and bad. I like blogs that have a strong theme (eg, sewing), but that also include random stuff, as we're all people with lives outside of sewing. I don't always comment, but I read and appreciate what people take the time to share!

  9. I pop in to read your blog every few weeks. I was very happy to stumble upon your blog because you are Australian (and so, more relevant to my experience), and that you sew. In showing your sewing to "us" you point out all the imperfections, but if you didn't point them out how many of us would actually see them? I like that you consider what you would do differently next time. As for the photos it can be a worry to have kids photos up. Maybe only use shots where their faces are turned away? I don't get much traffic to my blog. Most of my hits come from searches for "refrigerator box". The joke is on them when they find me. :-)


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