Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sacrificial Polka Dots

This weekend I took a break from my lovely stripey nautical dress because I'm scared I'm going to stuff it up. My getaway was a small piece of polka dot satin and a Tracy Reese pattern (V1203). Unfortunately this top has proved to be a fabric sacrifice :-(.  The problem is that the neckline drape is puffing out in front of my bust and looking really odd.

Here's what it looks like:

an average looking cowl
side on is at best not good...

and sometimes very puffy!

This pinned version shows you what I thought was going to fix it up - the photos are telling me otherwise:

pinning some of the puffy drape into the under-bust seam

the puff creeps out to the sides
bust puff be gone!

I do like the fit below the bust, but I fear this pattern needs a very different fabric. The recommendations were lightweight beaded fabric, charmeuse and crepe de chine. Very different.

I also only had 1m, whereas the pattern needed 1.2m. To fit the pattern pieces I added a horizontal seam in the back at around shoulder blade height (yes, that is a strange idea and not necessarily one that looks good) and I narrowed the neckline drape somewhat. Perhaps these changes played a part in this little disaster. I also used a long zipper from just below the neckline to just above the waist instead of a back opening and shorter zipper - but I don't think this was an issue.

Of course it looks better on the dummy!

I don't know that I will be fixing this... I am curious to see how it would fare in a knit, but I may not get to that particular experiment - too many other exciting patterns to try out!

PS Don't forget - you have until midnight Sydney time to enter my Vogue pattern giveaway.  And if none of those patterns appeal, over the next few weeks I'm planning a few more sewing pattern giveaways - part one year celebration, part enjoyable declutter - so stay tuned!


  1. It's hard to see the problem in a photograph when the fabric is dark and drape-y. From what I can see, I really like it! I hope that you can fix the poofing.

  2. I also think the top looks pretty good, and you really made it work with not having quite enough fabric. Even if you don't end up wearing it, it's probably nice to know how the pattern fits so that you can make another version in the future. I think it's a nice style.

  3. I had a problem like a top I sewed long ago, the problem was the web, in addition to light weight, it has to be very "thin" to be pretty drape ... your shirt does not look bad .. I think you made the adjustment is finally nice on you.

  4. Dressmaking with Stitches (an Australian magazine) had an excellent article by Angie Zimmermann on Reinvent the Cowl. She basically pleated or draped the basic cowl neckline (using a brooch, buckle or permanent stitching) to extend the wearability of a cowl neckline. It was in Volume 19 No 12. Some of the changes looked brilliant. See if you can grab a copy and try them on your top - even though you top looks fine!!!

  5. Wow, can you believe I looked at your top and thought, I HAVE to have that pattern so I googled it and it turns out I already do have it! Your fabric makes it look like a whole new top and reminded me I should make it up - Thanks for the elbow jab ;) hehe

  6. Like the others, I can't see the problem with this top. Cowls always look funny from some angle. Just wait a few days...you might get used to it and decide that you like it?

  7. I actually think it looks really lovely, and I can't see what is the problem! I would wear this in a heartbeat...

  8. I think your top looks lovely - I think Trena (the slapdash sewist) had a similar issue with a cowl neck and she fixed it by adding a small weight. Might be worth a look?


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