Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Making Progress on Vogue 1158

Just to let you all know - I am sewing. Slowly.

I'm making Vogue 1158, a Tracy Reese dress pattern. Here's what my bodice is looking like:



It's an interesting fabric, isn't it? It's a cotton voile which has red ribbon and navy blue wool sewn across it on the bias. I haven't quite managed to make the red and blue lines symmetrical about the centre front - but I tried! I'm lining it with plain white cotton voile.

You're supposed to make your own bias strips from the dress fabric to edge the neckline and armholes with, but instead I'm using a piping from my stash. I decided to use the piping after I'd stitched my bodice outer and lining pieces together, so (as you may be able to tell) I'm not using the normal approach to sewing in piping. Oops. I hope it will still look alright.

If you're thinking of making this dress, the neckline is low cut front and back, and I found I needed to raise it in both places so as to cover my bra :-) The armholes seem to be low cut but have insets that bring them up to normal level. The dress is fully lined and so far the seams are French seams, which is ideal if you don't own a serger but would still like the inside of the dress to look neat.

And here's the Vogue pattern picture - they didn't line up their stripes perfectly either!


  1. Great fabric to show off all those fab seams in the bodice! It's got a nice nautical feel too.

  2. I love this pattern so am looking forward to how your turns out. Your fabric is very interesting. Have you checked to see if the red satin ribbon runs? I always get a but nervous when bold reds are butted up against whites.I could say 'once bitten twice shy' but it's more like 10 times bitten!

  3. I love the way the stripes don't line up.....although my OCDness in the "during" process might have a freak out....but the end result is lovely!

  4. Wow, your work looks much more interesting than the pattern!

  5. Hi Karin, yes, nautical is what the fabric put me in mind of too!

    Hi Bernice, my heart skipped when I read your comment! Then I remembered that I HAD pre-washed and dried with no running. Phew! That could have been pretty bad.

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks, having the stripes like this is a bit strange though and I'm still unsure whether the dress is OK on!

    Thanks MySummerTouch, you're very kind - but let's wait and see if I can get the end result to look OK or not!

  6. That is so pretty! It looks like quite an intricate pattern. It will look gorgeous on you.

  7. Oh no Jacquie, don't say that! The pressure, the pressure lol!

  8. I am really interested in how this pattern works for you, as it is sitting on my "make this before Christmas" pile (the pile is unrealistically large). I like the neckline and how you have managed the stripes across the waist darts. How is it going?


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