Saturday, 8 October 2011

Burda dress again

I've made another of those BurdaStyle dresses (10/2010-151) for my daughter, another variant from the same original pattern. My earlier versions are here and here. This one is loose and light, intended for active summer wear but also good for layering with optional fairy wings.

I am really not keen on this fabric - it's a quilting quality cotton that's way too fussy and floral for my usual tastes - but it's the one my daughter selected from a huge (stash) selection. And I suppose it was only ever in there because I'd thought she'd like it.

these colours are true

In this version of the dress I made several changes:
  • lengthened the bodice by a few centimetres, 
  • significantly narrowed the skirt (fabric constraints...), 
  • added in-seam side pockets, 
  • added facings for the neckline, and 
  • lowered the neckline a little all the way around. 
I also had a go at making this sort of tulip sleeves, but I didn't do a fab job with them. The rolled hem or whatever it's called went quite well but I haven't angled the wrap over steeply enough. Oh well, I'll know better next time - the technique for creating this sort of sleeve certainly works though!

but these tulips don't look quite right, do they!
I'm pretty happy with the rolled hems

The Boss is satisfied for the time being.


  1. It's lovely to make something that they like, and to use up stash fabric you don't like anyway is an added bonus! I like the way the second picture looks like she has angel wings:-)

  2. You have a "Boss" adorable, if I may say so, heh, heh, and the dress too .... of course!

  3. Your daughter looks adorable. I love that she chose the fabric for herself - I think that it looks very pretty and just right for this style

  4. Love the tulip sleeves! What a sweet dress on your little Princess!

  5. Thank you Karin, Rosy, Eugenia and Gwen! It is good to be able to use up a bit of stash fabric... especially something like this that I won't use for myself (or my son or partner) :-)


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