Monday, 28 May 2012

MMM Days 22 - 25

Hang in there, we're nearly at the end of MMM12 and normal (sewing) services are scheduled to resume within a week.

But while I'm here I'd better do my latest MMM summary.

Day 22

Nearly winter - I wore my black V1013 DKNY dress, made a couple of years ago (blogged in this post). It feels a little bit vintage to wear, but maybe that's the amazing fabric - it's - umm I don't know - maybe a black moire? I need to look it up somewhere! It's textured like a twill but with a sort of watermark, and cold and silky... does that ring any bells with anyone? My favourite thing about this dress is the sleeve puffs - boy did they challenge me at the time!

This is such an arty, attractive photo compared to what I'm capable of by myself! And I reckon Marylene can make anyone look good :-)

This dress is one of the first things I sewed for myself when I started sewing again (around 2010), back when I was sewing in our dining room and when my whole stash and entirety of notions fitted into the baby bassinet.  I love the puff sleeves (quite a challenge for me then) and the vintage feel of this dress (even though it's a very modern looking pattern). 

I started sewing this dress because I felt like it - no plan at all - liked the pattern and found a large enough piece of fabric in my stash. However, one evening when I was a good way through and in a bit of a sewing "zone", an unexpected statement popped into my head: that the dress would be ready in time for the funeral. Creepy! Talk about unsettling. Half of me told myself not to worry, the other half was muttering "please not one of my kids... " And sure enough, this dress had its first outing for a funeral, that of my mum's step-dad Tony, who passed away quite suddenly. I felt like Tony would have approved of this dress.

Day 23

Here I am in the better of my two V1247 Rachel Comey tops, this one in a charcoal linen-silk. Even though this one feels too loose, and I think the vertical pleats / darts need to be closer to the centre, it is at least wearable. And I really like the seam details, which are better photographed in the original blog post here. FYI my second version of V1247 - in a very loud orange ikat - just doesn't quite fit in with my wardrobe. 

Marylene has taken a short holiday and my imagination is not fired up, so the photo location is the same as on Day 22.

Day 24

A shivery cold, rainy day. It was COLD, but I was determined to wear a top not yet seen in MMM - this little Liberty top made from an OOP V2465 Chloe pattern (for a dress, mind you). So this is what it looks like when it rains a bit in Sydney (at least it wasn't too heavy!):

To keep a bit warmer I have to admit to a wool singlet underneath :-) and this gorgeous wool scarf, knitted for me last year by my friend Winny.

Can you tell my photographer is still away??? These photos were taken on the balcony at work. I discovered that if you go right to the end of the balcony there's an area that's hard to see from the other parts of the balcony - perfect for embarrassing self-portraits! 

Day 25

Day 25 was a Friday, so a day with a photo theme. And the theme was WATER. It was still looking a bit miserable in the morning, but by late morning the bad weather looked to have blown away - so I decided to have a bit of a fun, touristy lunchtime visit to Circular Quay for my photo.  

I was wearing V1194, a DKNY pattern, made in a really cosy thick jumper knit from Tessuti and originally blogged here. This dress is shorter than I meant it to be - I got my partner's advice on where the hem should sit and I think we have different tastes in dress lengths! 

This photo was taken by me with my camera balanced on a bollard - and there's the famous coathanger in the left side:

and this one was taken for me by a young man who observed me struggling to take my own picture. I gave him some instructions and I think he did a pretty good job, even getting those famous sails in the background for me:

I made my way back to the office feeling on top of the world, and absolutely ready to take on all the silly work issues. I think this view of Circular Quay with the city behind it kind of encapsulates how I felt - tourism is very cheering! 


  1. Sydney`s harbour really is breath taking . You are looking very professional in your home made clothes.

  2. I love your tessuti in the harbor best of all..want one. Also, I agree with you about is just given toooo much acclaim for such a poor fit! I'm doing it soon and intend a showstopper :-). Revolutionary good fit how about some fit! Best, coco


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