Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The First Day...

It's the first day of Me Made May 2012, and even though I've only challenged myself to wear 1 me-made garment a day (and 10 a week), I am already feeling the pressure. This may seem odd if you've looked at my wardrobe tab (what's she whinging about, you may wonder - she has all those choices!). Well one problem is that I'm a BRRRRRRRR cold bug, and the weather at the moment in Sydney is rather chilly around the edges (although I have to admit it's perfectly pleasant around lunchtime). This is a problem because I mostly sew for warm weather! The other problem is ironing - I hate it! Last night I did some MMM preparation though: I ironed my grey "summer wool" trousers, hung them carefully with my teal blue cashmere jacket, and ironed a couple of tops. I don't think I'm going to keep this ironing malarkey up for long though...

Anyway, here's today's outfit, photos taken by my son on our way to kindy to drop off my daughter this morning. Brrrr.
full length but blurry
focussed but headless

The trousers were originally blogged here, the jacket here, and I don't think I ever blogged the top. The trousers and jacket are both from V1098, an Anne Klein design (but with the collar left off the jacket) and the silk twill top is from V8392, a Very Easy Vogue pattern. My impression of my outfit today is that the colours / patterns go well but that the fit of these garments isn't spectacular. The top is too blousey, the jacket a smidge too short, and the pants feel loose in the legs - but my mother-in-law thinks they look very flattering, so I'm in the middle of making them again in a pinstripe linen (summer sewing? don't I ever learn?).

My daughter got in on the act too with what may well be the last wear of a dress I made her for her birthday last year (blogged here).  This dress is getting  tight on her little strong girl arms, and ties at the back are not being tolerated any more because they're uncomfortable in the car seat. She took her coat off for this photo:

So... our cloud backup system seems to be making all normal computer functions very slow, so I don't know how often I'll be doing MMM posts. I'll definitely be trying to upload photos every day to the Flickr stream though if you want to have a peek at what I and others are managing to wear. 

And in very exciting news, today I bought a remote control for my camera! WOW!  I only found out my camera could use one of these today... and I tell you, the remote controller is infinitely more fun than the self-timer!

No guarantee you'll see any better photos - perhaps some crazier ones though?


  1. Bring on the crazy photos:-)
    Nice start to Me Made May. I like your jacket.

  2. Thanks Karin, and thanks for not mentioning how dodgy the photos are :-). I am going to assume you're the person in charge around here and take this as official permission!

  3. CUTE outfit. Love how you started your MMM. And your daughter is adorable. Can't wait to see the rest of your creations.

  4. Nice outfit! It sounds a bit daunting remembering to take a photo every day! I'll be looking out for your pics.


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